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#NewRelease Spotlight: The Streets Chose Me by @MYiA_DUhH #UrbanFiction #AAFiction

Book Title The Streets Chose Me: An ATL Love Story

Author Myia White

Genre(s) Urban Fiction; African American Fiction

Release Date May 7, 2017

Publisher Kellz K Publishing


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Book Blurb

No matter what you do in this world. It's always said that we have a choice, but do we really? What happens when the choice is made for you and the only thing you can do is rock with it?

At a young age, Gerald ‘Ghee’ Wells is a father and the keeper to his family. With six siblings to help take care of and twin boys of his own. Ghee knows all about making a way out of no way. Easy money is the only way to go when you have eight mouths to feed. Falling in love with money & the glitz & glamour of the street he forms a crew called ‘The Jokers’. With the crew name like Jokers the first thing an enemy might do is laugh; only down fall to that is laughing will be the last thing they’re able to do.

Ghee isn’t a one man army and The Jokers isn’t a one mans team. With a bright future a head of him Chosen ‘Problem’ Wells finds his way into the street life side by side with his older brother. The money is alluring to him, but of course with more money comes more problems. His life starts spiraling out of control when truths are revealed and his temper starts to fly.

With the weight of the world on his shoulders Camden 'Shoota' Barnes turns to The Jokers to help with the problems in his personal life. Wanting nothing more than to fix the hurt & pain his family suffers from he takes on a life he never thought he would have to live. Will following the path of easy money help him or will it destroy him and all the bonds he holds dare to his heart?

Onyxx Williams knows nothing about having an easy life and knows everything about the struggle. With a streak of bad luck, Onyxx is struggling to find her place in the world. Needing a shoulder to cry on she relies on her best friend Camden to help her throw the dark times. With Camden going through his own issues Onyxx is left to fight her own way into the light.

The Streets Chose Me is the blueprint for making it out the hood. Ghee, Problem, Camden & Onyxx were all dealt a bad hand. Will the streets be right in their choice to choose these four or will they regret allowing the streets to make the choice for them?

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Author Myia White

Myia White is a 28 year old Atlanta, Georgia native, where she was born and raised. She attended Benjamin Elijah Mays High School and graduated in 2006. She attended Atlanta Technical College and studied in Culinary Arts in 2007. She’s has been a franchise owner for Taxamize Accounting for over 3 years.

She enjoys shopping, travelling, and she’s an avid reader. After receiving her Kindle and enjoying the many pleasures of reading that is when she discovered that she wanted to pursue her craft of writing that she once had back in her high school days. Some of her favorite authors includes Kellz Kimberly, KC Mills, Kwan and many more. She wrote her first book Pistols and Pain: Praying for her Love which was released on August 3, 2016 and released part 2 of her series on September 26, 2016. She’s signed to Kellz K Publishing.

Her dreams are to become a bestselling or national author in urban fiction, master the literacy of being a great urban fiction author before tapping into other genres. Release as many books with progression in every new book written.

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