Monday, May 8, 2017

#NewRelease Spotlight: Faith In My Hustla 2 by T'yanna Sha-Nay #UrbanFiction

Book Title Faith In My Hustla 2

Author T’yanna Sha-Nay

Genre(s) Urban Fiction; Urban Life; African American Fiction

Release Date May 8, 2017

Publisher Treasured Publications


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Book Blurb

At the wake of being kidnapped, Erin finds herself fighting for her life while questioning if it was all worth it in the name of love. Until that moment, all Erin had done was for Kymani. From going to prison, to accepting his daughter as her own; but will the love she has shown him be enough for him to push the limits to save her?

Things under Kymani’s rule was seemingly fair. Everyone ate. But when greed found it’s way into his camp and forced some of his most trusted friends to do the unthinkable, his world is shaken. Kymani is too blinded by loyalty to see the snakes slither in his yard, but will he realize it, before it’s too late and he loses everything?

Love and loyalties are tested and bonds are broken but that comes with the territory when putting your faith in a hustla.

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Books In The Series

Faith In My Hustla (Book 1)

How far would you go in the name of love? How much are you willing to sacrifice for the one you love? For Erin Singleton, there was no limit to her love. Genuine love is all she knows. Coming up in a two-parent household, surrounded by a loving family was all she had known. That is until the pressure of being a Singleton becomes too much and she leaves the safety net of her parents’ home for the unknown. Faced with uncertainty and life changing decisions to make, Erin sets out to make it on her own until she meets him.

Kymani Martin made it easy for Erin to fall for him. He was the listening ear when she needed and also a protector. He didn’t have much either but what drew Erin to him was his ambition. It was street ambition but ambition none the less. Coming from an upbringing much different from Erin’s, Kymani had been alone long before she had arrived. In a city with no family, all he knew was how to survive. While Erin ran from the pain, Kymani ran towards it.

With his right hand, Tevin at his side. Kymani sets out to conquer the streets and everything that’s associated with them. While, love wasn’t on his to have list. He welcomed it when it came to Erin because she was down for him and supported his come up.
They say it’s good to stay down until you come up. But will that ring true for Erin? Will the sacrifice she makes in the name of her relationship be worth it or will she find out just how bad things can get when you put all your faith in a hustla?

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Author T’yanna Sha-Nay

T’yanna Sha-Nay, a Far Rockaway native, has been writing since the age of thirteen and it wasn't until her senior year of high school that she and her friends decided that it would be a great time for her to write her own book after reading over 100 Urban Lit. and Street Lit. books. At twenty-two Sha-Nay published her debut book under Treasured Publications. 

Things are just heating up for Tyanna as she's working endlessly to produce great reads for the reading community. As a reader herself she hopes to connect with other authors to better perfect her craft and stay up to date with the newest releases. Still with everything coming full force the young authoress is eager to learn.

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