Friday, March 31, 2017

#BookSpotlight Loving A Big Easy Thug by @CiaraTheAuthor #UrbanFiction #UrbanRomance #AARomance

Book Title Loving A Big Easy Thug

Author Ciara

Series Book 1 of 3

Genre(s) African American Romance; Urban Fiction

Publication Date March 24, 2017

Publisher Leo Sullivan Presents

Print Length 162 pages


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Book Blurb

After Sophie loses her parents at eight years old, her father’s best friend, August, takes her in and raises her as his own, along with his son, Nolan. Although raised as siblings, Sophie and Nolan have harbored secret crushes on each other. As Sophie begins her last year of high school, Nolan joins the family business. Now that Sophie and Nolan are all grown up, their feels for each other are getting harder to fight. They want each other, but neither is sure how the other one feels. Nolan finally makes his move, but he may be too late.

Maya is head over heels in love and engaged to the man of her dreams. She and Casey, her fiancĂ©, have been through so much, including cancer, and Casey’s mother returning from the dead, not to mention the drama that surrounds their siblings, Ciara and August. The time is finally right for Casey and Maya to make their way down the aisle, and Maya is determined to let nothing ruin her big day.

Trisha believes that Xavier is the love that she’s been waiting for, and she is more than happy to please him in any way that she can. When she gives him a special birthday surprise, she unknowingly opens Pandora’s box. What was supposed to be one epic night, leads to confusion and betrayal. Now, Trisha and Xavier must decide whether to fight for their love or let go.

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Author Ciara

Ciara was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. She's had a passion for reading since she was a little girl. She read countless amounts of urban fiction books before she got the urge to write one herself when she got into high school. It wasn't until her senior year in high school that she made the decision to get her work published. In 2016 she signed with Leo Sullivan Productions. While writing, she attends a HBCU with a major in English to become an Editor.

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