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#BookReview Bulletproof Gods 2 by @Tysha_Jordyn @MissGemini83 @Its_Me_Virgo

Bulletproof Gods 2: Money Over Everything
Author(s) Tysha Jordyn, Shameka Jones & Virgo
Series Book 2 of 2
Genre(s) Urban Fiction; Women’s Fiction; Romance
Publication Date March 28, 2017
Publisher Royalty Publishing House

Book Blurb

Part one taught you why they’re certified street royalty, but part two will show you why they’re bulletproof. There’s no such thing as ‘down time’ for the DiBiasis, and with Santiago waging a savage war to claim their empire, these brothers rise up to defend what’s theirs—by any means necessary.

Zeus is doing double-duty juggling his family’s newest addition while mapping out the plan that will allow everyone to get back to business as usual. Unfortunately, Santiago’s reach extends much farther than anyone imagined, and when the brothers take one last shot at bringing him down, Zeus comes face to face with death. Will he make it out alive?

Titan has a serious come-up planned for the family business, but when a dead body turns up on his watch, he’s faced with the biggest decision of his life as he struggles to shed his past for his future. Will his decision cost the DiBiasis a blood debt?

Ares is still a wild card that refuses to be tamed by even the baddest chick. Living up to his name, he’s waging war in more than a few panties, but with a baby on the way, he’s forced to pull out and start thinking with the right head. Ares quickly learns that his baby mama is just as fraud as her father, and when she deals a heart-crushing blow, he sets out to wage a new kind of war with a single agenda: killing Santiago’s most prized possession.

This explosive finale will prove, once and for all, that there is no Miami without the DiBiasis.

My Review

Tysha, Shameka & Virgo did an amazing job with the follow-up & Finale of this hot series. They definitely did not disappoint & I was thrilled that all my questions were answered & suspicions were confirmed. I loved this book. The DiBiasi brothers proved just how powerful, loyal, street certified & bulletproof they really are. Again, they are forced to deal with more problems than a little bit, yet they handled them all very well.

Zeus, the oldest brother, gave me quite a scare. I'm not surprised that he went over & beyond for his family, his brothers & his family business. He is the brains behind the operation & lead by example & in the same breath was there for all his loved ones. He's still my fav. I'm so glad Titan came to the decision that he did. It sucks that India was such a scorned woman. She definitely got what she deserved. Ares shocked the mess out of me & became an additional favorite of mines. Out of all the brothers, he grew up the most to me. Tori is just perfect for him & I love their relationship. Marisol was a lying snake, but in all honesty, it should have been expected. I felt for Ares after what she put him through. Santiago would just not give up. He really thought he could win a war with the DiBiasis? Silly him! Vinny showed up & showed out. It was good that he came in & backed up his cousins. Those sisters thou, they are just as ruthless as the DiBIasi brothers. Those chicks don't play!

This book is a must read, filled with action-packed suspense and drama! I highly recommend that you read it, but make sure you read book 1 first. I'd love it if we could get a nice Spin-off. Yes, that's just how much I don't want this story to end. These characters rock!

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Miami...the city of sun, sex, money, and power. The streets never sleep and the block is always on the come-up, but only one name send chills up the spine of the entire east coast—DiBiasi. Street kings by birth, the three brothers are Cuban royalty, and the next generation of a dangerous dynasty that has brought the city of Miami to its knees for decades—there is no Miami without the DiBiasi boys.

Zeus, the eldest brother, rules with a power so brutal that he can issue a kill order without uttering a single word. As the true leader of the DiBiasis, every king needs his queen, right? Zeus has just that in his fiercely loyal wife, Xiomara—Zo to her family. A true mafia princess who’s been down for him since their first kiss, Zo is even more ill with an AK than Zeus, but her venomous bloodthirst has taken a back seat as she plays dutiful wife and doting mother to their two daughters. One contraction away from giving birth to the first male and next heir in the DiBiasi dynasty, Zo is something that the streets least suspect—Zeus’ secret weapon.

Titan is every bit the boss as his older brother. A more than meets the eye kind of guy, his flawless combination of book and street smarts make him a force to be reckoned with. A believer in death for dishonor, he moves with a tech-savvy stealth so brutal that you feel his wrath long before you see him. Titan’s only weakness is the elusive love he feels for Zipporah, big sister to Zo and the one that got away. Affectionally known as Po to her family, she refuses to bow down to the DiBiasi domination as long as Titan is playing house with India, his live-in girlfriend. Po puts Titan on notice that it’s her way or no way, but Titan has a trick up his sleeve that just might force her to submit to his stroke.

Ares is the baby and wild card of the family. Arrogant, cocky, and the true muscle of the DiBiasis, he thrives on the dangerous path that his reckless temper seems to lead him down on the daily. Ares doesn’t believe in a clean shot and would much rather leave a trail of bodies for even breathing too hard in his direction. Guys wish to end him, and chicks long to feel him get in, but he’s got a ruthless energy that fuels his motto: smash and pass. He’s on a mission to bed as many chicks and dead as many enemies as possible to keep his family on top.

Every hustler in Miami knows their role and place, and the DiBiasis have ruled the city with ease, but that all comes to a screeching halt when they trip and fall headfirst into an unexpected war with a ruthless Mexican cartel. Small things to a giant, though, and the DiBiasi boys plan to prove just why they’re the undisputed bulletproof gods of Miami.

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I received this ARC from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

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