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#BookReview Crushin' On A Boss 2 by @Tysha_Jordyn

Crushin' On A Boss 2: The Streets or Love

Author Tysha Jordyn

Series Book 2 of 4

Genre(s) Urban Romance

Publication Date November 15, 2016

Publisher Royalty Publishing House

Print Length 160 pages


Book Blurb

Just when Aniqa was ready to throw in the towel and say phuck love, Linc walks into her life and she finds herself crushing on every ounce of his boss status—way more than she wants to admit. Never has she met a man like him, and though neither of them knows what the future holds, Aniqa is sure of one thing: Je’Marcus must go. A man always wants that old thang back, though, and when Je’Marcus makes good on his promise to love her to death, Aniqa’s locked in the fight of her life, chasing the kind of love only a boss can give.

Linc is a hitta in every sense of the word, and he’ll go to war against anyone that comes for the Carmichael throne, but when he uncovers the ultimate betrayal in his tight-knit circle, he questions whether he should remain loyal to the one person he looks up to—who just might be the biggest snake of them all. No one knocks Linc off his square—he’s the solution before people even realize there’s a problem, but when Aniqa captures his heart like no woman before her, Linc finds himself feeling something he’s spent his whole life running away from—love. Linc’s mind says, “Lord, please save her for me,” but can he make his next move his best and capture Aniqa’s heart?

Beautiful is a sophistoratchet beauty that’s always on ten—if you’re knuckin’ then she’s buckin! Fiercely protective of Aniqa, her A-1 from way back, Beautiful’s a rider for hers. They say blood is thicker than water, but when Beautiful rolls up on some shocking news about “family,” will she choose to ride with her family or stay down for her bestie?

Aniqa’s still crushin’ while Linc wants to love her down, but will she give in and let Linc put some BOSS up in her life?

My Review

Wow! Let me just say that I loved book 1 & I absolutely love this 2nd installment. Tysha did her thang with the series's definitely a page turner. I read it all in one day. I only put it down for a couple of hours, only because I had to take care of some business.

First off, it picked up right where Part 1 left off. I am so glad that Aniqua finally listen to her friend Beautiful & came to her senses. Sadly, it took harm to come to her child to make her move. Aniqua's not stupid at all (although, I constantly call her that while reading). Love will make you do some stupid things &/ cause you to make the wrong decisions, even though you know they aren't the right ones.

Linc is what Aniqua needs to help her restore herself, of course with Beautiful & Khandra's help too. He seems to be an amazing guy that genuinely care about her & her child.

Tiara is someone to watch out for in my opinion, as well as Paxton, Marcus & his sister.

That ending was mind boggling. Who? Why? But I gotta feeling who it may be. It goes to show, just when things seem great again, the devil will still show up at your door. I'm praying she's found before harm comes to her.

As for Linc & his 'family business' ...all those secrets that's coming out is crazy. I gotta feeling that Kappo & even Linc's sister got something to do with some of it. I'm dying to know what's going to come of everything once things are exposed.

All in all, this is a great sequel. You'll love it! I loved it & recommend that you read this entire series. Matter of fact, book 3 just dropped today & it's Tysha's Birthday! Happy Birthday lady! I'm on my way to get lost in book 3 now.

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Author Tysha Jordyn

Tysha Jordyn is an author, blogger, editor, and journalist with plans to ride her #bookdreams all the way to the top. With a firm belief that writing is the ultimate form of release therapy, she keeps a pen and notebook close, using her ill pen game to string a few words together here and there to blaze a trail of success in the literary world.

She is the true definition of a #goaldigger, and is most likely #hustlinghard when the sun rises is most time zones. She lives each day by her infamous tagline #bossUpOrBowDown, and believes that if you aren’t aiming too high then you must be aiming too low.

A true philanthropist at heart, Tysha spends her free time supporting community organizations and nonprofits geared toward providing intervention and mentorship programs for underprivileged and at-risk youth. Remaining humble and true to her roots, she takes a special interest in providing resources and opportunities for children in the foster care system.

When she’s not slaying the keys and getting her word count up per her #writeordie mantra, she’s an avid reader taking pleasure in supporting other writers in chasing their own dreams.

Tysha Jordyn is ecstatic to call the breathtaking beauty of Hawaii home.

Instagram @tysha_jordyn | Twitter @tysha_jordyn

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A portion of all royalties earned from the sale of this book will be donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Please show your support for the cause and purchase this book. Thank you.


I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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