Friday, November 4, 2016

#NewRelease Spotlight: While Your Wife's Gone by Latoya Chandler @latoya_chandler

Title While Your Wife’s Gone
Author Latoya Chandler
Genre Drama, Romance, Fiction
Release Date November 3, 2016
Page Count 160 Pages
Publisher Passion-Publications LLC


"Love was never meant to be caught in things like success and relationships." – Amber Kuminka

Seeking out married men can only satisfy your desires as long as you don’t get caught…just ask divorce attorney Cheri R. Daniels. Cheri’s accidental introduction into the “No Strings Attached” lifestyle has evolved into a complete infatuation. Unlike her clients, she
vows never to become a casualty of love and marriage. As things unravel before her eyes, the entangled affairs she has grown to love have the potential to destroy, not just her career but her entire life.

What do you do when you hold the key to one of the biggest undisclosed scandals? The secrets you possess if disclosed could cause significant damage in multiple lives. Do you use your power to bring down those who can cause you the biggest heartache? Or just walk away because of your own personal attachment?

When having an escapade, everyone forgets about the spouse until it’s too late…. Blackmail, deception, threats of losing fame and fortune leads to nothing being left of off the table including Cheri doing whatever it takes to remain on top. Even if it means bringing down the one man who is dear to her and is at risk of losing it all…

Will Cheri’s fixation of married men turn on her and put her at risk of losing her life, career and overall survival? How far will Cheri go “While Your Wife’s Gone?

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About The Author

Latoya is definitely on the watch list. This New York author is nestled in the “Big Apple,” and has great aspirations for her world of creative writing. Mrs. Chandler works as an Executive assistant to the CEO of a non-profit organization, which is a pillar in her community.

When Latoya is not writing or reading novels of romance and fictional persuasion she enjoys spending time with her family. Latoya has five loving children and dotes on her very patient better half.

The wake of the creative spirits of Latoya Chandler began in October 2013. Latoya’s life changed drastically when she realized she wasn’t crazy and the people talking-or the voices in her head were actually the voices of birthing characters. The writing began and before she knew it, Mrs. Chandler had penned her first novel.

Torn: Don’t Need You, But I Want You, was the first of three installments to the Torn Trilogy. Torn, released this past January was also the first book Chandler debuted under her very own Publishing Company, “Passion-Publications, LLC.”

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