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#DebutAuthorSpotlight Ebony


Author Bio

Ebony Smith is an author, a mother of two boys and two beautiful granddaughters and mentor to many great authors in the book industry.  She started as an avid reader and then became Administrator to Tiece Mickens Presents which gave her insight as to what the industry and authors need.  After a few years her underlying passion as a writer became too evident to control and she penned her first novel in a series titled, Daddy Taught Me Better. It quickly took the industry by storm and Ebony took her rightful place as one of the best in the business.  She is currently working on part two of the series.

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Author Interview

Can you please tell us a little about yourself?
I am Ebony Smith, a reader and author from Florida.

What's the title of your new book?
Daddy Taught Me Better

Is this book a standalone, spin-off, or part of a series?
Part of a 2 part series.

List the main genre & sub genres this book is classified as.
Urban & Women’s Fiction

What is your book about?
It’s about women being strong and learning life lessons through good relationships with their fathers.

What message, lesson, or moral are you trying to deliver to readers in this book?
Women have to put them first and love themselves. Also, there are good men out there despite hurt in relationships.

Is this book a reflection of a personal experience?
It is about lessons that I think we have all learned.

Where can this book be purchased?
Amazon and directly from me.

What inspired you to become a writer?
Watching authors fulfill their dreams and wanting to tell a story.

What genre(s) do you write and why?
Urban Women’s Fiction because it is relatable to me.

I'm sure you're a reader as well, who are some of your favorite authors and what's on your ‘To Be Read’ List?
Tiece Mickens and Kellz Kimberly. My next read is Bianca Marie's, Killing Me Softly With A Love So True.

Are you a full-time or part-time writer and how long has it been since you published your first book?
Part Time and about 6 months.

Who is your targeted audience and what message are you trying to relay in your writing?
Anyone that wants a realistic story and that life will always turn out for the best if you believe.

With thousands of books being released each day and new authors steady emerging, how are you going to stand out? Why should readers give your book(s) a try versus others in the same genre?
I stand out because I love what I do. It is not about the money but about reaching people. They should try me because I read first I know what a reader would want.

What's next for you in your literary career?
I’m working on part 2 of this series.

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Fav 15

Favorite Authors Tiece Mickens
Coffee or Tea Starbucks
Favorite Movie/TV Show Empire
Favorite Season Summer
Favorite Blog/Blogger ILP Book Blog
Favorite Book Southern Gossip by Tiece
Favorite Food Pasta
Favorite Song Changes Everyday
Favorite Actor/Actress Taraji P Henson
Favorite Quote Follow Your Heart
Favorite Sport/Hobby Traveling
Day/Night Night
Favorite Holiday Christmas
Favorite Restaurant So Many
Favorite Vacation Spot Mexico

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Ebony's Book

Daddy Taught Me Better
Author Ebony
Genre Women's Fiction, Urban Fiction
Publisher Tiece Mickens Presents
Publication Date March 18, 2016
Print Length 138 pages
Amazon Kindle Price $0.99
Amazon Paperback Price $15

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Meet Kasey Williams an educated mother of twin boys and a devoted wife to Jaden Williams. As devoted as Kasey is to her husband the feelings are not reciprocated. Jaden’s total disregard for their marriage vows has finally caught up to him. Will he be able to convince Kasey that the state of their marriage is within normal range, and that his many infidelities are nothing more than harmless acts of boredom?

Kasey has always been the apple of her Daddy’s eyes. She was raised in a two-parent, stable home. They instilled in her self-worth and values which they tried their best to embed in her heart. Somewhere along the way, Kasey lost those values. However, it's never too late for her to remember her self-worth.

Will Kasey be able to find her way back to knowing her true self? Or, will she continue to except her husband's cheating ways? One thing Kasey is for sure of though is that she should never love a man more than she loves herself. Daddy taught her better.

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“Memaw why we got to go in the back, we already know that my mama mad with my daddy because he has a new baby,” Kaden said shocking the room.
All eyes were on me now and I wished that Calgon could have just taken me away.
“Get y’all grown asses in that room before I go get a switch and tear your behind.” My mother yelled as she replied to Kaden.
My boys went running to the back after hearing my mother yell, nobody tested my mother when she laid the law down. My father came walking down the hallway and took a seat in his recliner. As my father sat down he winked at me, I felt it was his way of assuring that he had my back and everything will be okay.
My mother jumped out of her seat staring my father down with a menacing look as she began to speak to my father, “So Senior you knew about this bullshit, huh? That’s what the hell Kasey called you about the other night?”
“Liza sit your ass down and let Kasey speak.” My father told my mother.
“Senior you don’t run shit up in here, that’s Kasey damn problem now. All of you have babied Kasey her whole life and now she done sat her ass down and let that arrogant, pompous son of a bitch walk all over her. She definitely took after you because if it was me, I would have cut his dick off and fed it to him.”
“Liza the last time I checked, I’m the man in this house. Who the hell are you to judge Kasey about her situation? It’s not a person in this room that has not went through something, you standing there throwing rocks at glass houses.”
“Please stop, I don’t want the two of you fighting because of my problems. I’m just going to go get the boys and we will be out of here.” I said standing as the tears begin cascading down my face.
Kasiya stood up right after me and grabbed my arm, “Nall sis, sit down and let’s talk about this, we family and if don’t nobody else have your back I do.” He said while locking eyes with my mother.
Kasiya had always been overly protective of me. That was the main reason I avoided him because if we were still close like we were growing up, the secrets of my marriage would have been exposed a long time ago. He always knew when something was bothering me; I could never lie to him. I sat back down with Kasiya right next to me.
“Kasey go ahead and talk, your mother was just sitting down.” My father said looking directly in my mother’s eyes, surprisingly she sat down.
“Ma it’s not all Jaden fault,” I said
“What the fuck you mean it’s not all his fault, well tell me who else fault it is Kasey.” My mother said sitting up on the couch.
I turned to my mother and the look of disappointment was evident on her face which made the tears fall even harder from my face.
“It’s mine ma, I allowed Jaden to treat me like this. A man can only do to you what you allow them to do.”
My mother let out a big sigh when I said that and just fell back in the chair, shaking her head.
“Ma I know you think I’m not like you, but I actually do have a lot of your ways. When I met Jaden, I never intended for our relationship to go this far. When we were started kicking it, I would always have to fight Mary, Jane and Sally because he was always messing around with some other girl that thought it would be okay to confront me about a man. I messed up when I got pregnant from Jaden, which I know wasn’t the smartest thing to do. When Jaden proposed, I accepted it because I wanted my kids to grow up in a two parent family home the same way that I was raised. Things were really good between us for the first couple of years. Then the late nights came and I brushed it off because I knew I married a street man. I honestly didn’t even question it, he swore to me when he proposed that he was done with playing the field. Next thing I know I started waking up to any empty side of the bed. Of course, I questioned that, he always came up with some dumb reason as to why he stayed out all night. The staying out all nights always aligned with a shopping spree for me and the boys or vacations. I knew it then that he was cheating and that those shopping sprees and vacations were his way of buying my cooperation. I wanted to leave back then but I didn’t want to hear them, I told you so’s. I accepted that main chick mentality, As long as he taking care of home, I could care less what he do in the streets. It’s like he knew that too because his disrespect was at an all-time high. Mommy, you have no idea what it’s like for your husband to climb in bed with you with the scent of another woman, mixed with a sexual scent. This nigga didn’t even have the common decency to wash away the sins of him and his side chicks’ escapade’s.” I told my family letting that wall of shame down.
I watched as Kason was leaning his head back on the couch staring at the ceiling biting down on his bottom lip. I guess Kason felt me staring at him because he looked at me and said, “I’m fucking that nigga up on site and I put that on my life, the only reason he, not a dead man walking is because he my nephews’ dad.”
I knew Kason meant every word he said. There was no sense in me trying to talk him out of it, especially right now seeing how upset he was.
Kasiya finally lifted his head up from out of his hands with watery eyes, “So that’s it Kasey, all this time I thought that I had done something to you when in reality you was trying to hide from what was going on with you.”
I just shook my head up and down.
“Kasey, The hardest thing for a parent, is to see their child get hurt and there is nothing you can do to stop it. I know I’ve always been hard on you, you’re my only daughter, my baby; I never wanted to see the day where you would have to endure this kind of pain, but here we are and you are going to get through this. I was wrong earlier and I apologize for that. I let the anger I had for not being able to shield you from this heartache make me lash out at you and your dad. If I could take the pain your feeling away, I would.”
I got up to hug my mother because I knew that even though my mother was rough around the edges, she had a heart of gold and there is nothing she would not do for me and my brothers. Just when I was about to let go of the hug I was sharing with my mother she whispered in my ear, “Jaden better hope that Kason get to him first, because if I get ahold of him he going to wish that his mother never birthed his ass and I’ll be ready for his mama for having his ass,”
I looked over at my father and he held an expression I had never seen on his face before. The guilt I felt for hurting my family because I allowed Jaden to walk over me came rushing to the forefront. I walked over to my father and kneeled down in front of him as I laid my head down on his lap. I kept trying to speak but couldn’t because I was trying to contain my emotions as the same time; however when my father placed his hand on top of my head and began to rub the back of my head I couldn’t hold it in any longer.
“Daddy I’m so sorry I let you down, I never meant for all this to happen. I tried my best to be the woman that you raised me to be. I never wanted to be that girl, yet here I am broken. I promise I’m done with Jaden; it’s no going back to that life for me. I never want to feel this low in life again, next time I’ll do better, I won’t ever allow another man to hurt me the way Jaden did. I never meant to shame you, Daddy, please accept my apology.”
“Kasey you could never shame me. Why are you telling me sorry? You have nothing to be sorry about, everybody gets there heartbroken once in their life.”
I looked up at my daddy and told him, “Because you taught me better than this.”
As soon as those words slipped out my mouth, Kasiya got off the couch, walking out the door and slammed it. I swear I seen a tear falling out of his eye.
“Don’t worry about him; I’ll go talk to him,” Kason said while going out the door to go get my brother.
“Kason make sure that boy don’t leave here and get himself into any trouble. Kasey get up off that floor, I need you to get it together. Go to the bathroom and get yourself together. We are not finished talking we need to discuss how you are going to reclaim your life back.” My dad started barking out orders.
When I got up off that floor and began to walk to the bathroom, I felt as if the world had been lifted off my shoulders. I knew the hard part was behind me, with the support of my family I would be fearless as I went through this trial. As I was walking back from the bathroom, I saw Kason and Kasiya coming from outside.
Kasiya said, “Sis you good.”
“Yeah, I’m straight,” I replied.
“Just know when I left out the door I wasn’t walking out on you, that’s a lot to hear, everything you been going through and I wasn’t there for you.”
“I wouldn’t have let you anyway, your here now and that’s all that matters.”
I looked over my parents and saw my mom sitting on my dad lap in his recliner; I guess they had made up while I was in the bathroom. I thought it was funny how they still acted like they were teenagers. Kason didn’t say much, which was deadly. He was always a man of few words; his actions always spoke louder for him.
I was snapped out of my thoughts when my Dad began to speak, “Kasey you and the boys are going to stay here until we can find somewhere for y’all to stay. I’ll pay all of your bills up for a year while you find a job and get yourself together.”
I started laughing and everyone looked at me like had two heads.
“Um, Kasey I didn’t think I told a joke. Why don’t you share with all of us what you find so funny?”
I immediately stopped laughing and told my family, “The hardest part of this ordeal was letting all of you know what was going on. When Jaden baby mama left his daughter on that doorstep, I knew then that I would never sleep in that house again. Daddy, I have the means to take care of me and my boys.”
“Oh yeah, so let us in on your plan then Kasey.” My daddy said sounding irritated with me.

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