Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#BookSpotlight The Babysitter by Theresa Hodge #BWWM #IRRomance

Title The Babysitter

Author Theresa Hodge

Genre BWWM, Interracial Romance, Multicultural Romance, Suspense

Publication Date November 2, 2016

Publisher Nayberry Publications

Book Blurb

He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not.

Anchored to her own problems, young and beautiful Luna Simon is given a break when she’s offered a job as the Lockwood’s babysitter for their precious baby girl, Briley. Luna comes with high recommendations from a reputable family friend, and she has no problem impressing Dalton and Brianna Lockwood with her charm and affection towards their only daughter. Luna is a breath of fresh air to Brianna who is a professional woman eager to get back to work as a fashion buyer. Dalton doesn’t want their daughter to be taken care of by anyone else, but he gives in to Brianna’s insistence to return to work after they find the right person. Briley has an instant attachment to Luna. And, once again, all is well in the Lockwood home.

Until some of Luna’s actions stop lining up with reality. Brianna thinks returning to work is only something many working women do every day. She never once considers that she’s leaving behind a frustrated husband, a needy pre-toddler and an opportunistic babysitter whose only goal in life is to erase Brianna from her own family’s portrait and replace it with herself. Luna’s civil smile and polite tone is all a fa├žade. She’s only counting down the days until she can be on the receiving end of the love she sees Dalton bestow upon Brianna. She longs to be the queen of Dalton’s heart…but will she ever realize that it’s just one big fantasy that will never come true?

When wifey is away…
The babysitter will play.

Nothing may ever be the same for the Lockwoods after “The Babysitter.”

*WARNING* This book contains very hot husband/wife sex scenes (no cheating), and a Happily Ever After…well for some.

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Theresa Hodge

Theresa Hodge is a native of Alabama. She is a loving mother, wife, sister, aunt and friend. She is at her best when she is able to bring happiness to others. She loves to read almost as much as she loves to write fictional stories. She has found writing to be therapeutic, especially during the loss of her oldest sister from breast cancer, a period that birthed her first book series, Ask Me Again.

Theresa has gone on to write several more books and have several collaborations in the works, so be sure to check her site regularly for new releases. Theresa also has a love affair with writing poetry. She first started writing poetry at an early age and it has been a part of her growth with writing ever since. If Theresa can bring a smile to your face and encourage along her journey, she considers it a blessing beyond measure. She can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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