Monday, November 21, 2016

#BookSpotlight Ain't None Of This Promised by Tiff Smitty #WomensFiction #UrbanFiction

Title Ain’t None Of This Promised

Author Tiff Smitty

Genre Women’s Fiction, Urban Fiction

Publication Date October 27, 2016

Publisher Black Bag Mafia

Book Blurb

After getting out of an abusive relationship, Rayna just wants to be happy. Time is supposed to heal wounds, but some hearts can’t be mended. She has given up on falling in love and has no interest in committing to another man. Instead, she finds happiness in being free to do her. Gee, on the other hand, is looking for someone to share the fruits of his labor with. All of his friends are falling in love and getting married. He’s ready to join them by settling down and believes Rayna is the one. But can they really live happily ever after when nothing is promised?

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Tiff Smitty

Tiff Smitty was born and raised in Hammond, Indiana. Growing up, she experienced a lot of loss. Her mother died when she was 12, and as the eldest of four, she had to grow up fast. As a teenager, she picked up the pen and wrote a lot of poems and songs as a means to cope. She was exposed to crime and the harshness of life through family and close friends. Things got real when she had her first child at the tender age of 16. Working part time while striving to graduate high school left Tiff with little free time, let alone time to write. After graduating high school, she relocated to attend college in Indianapolis, Indiana where she currently resides with her husband and three children. Now settled in her career as a nurse, she recently returned to writing. Love was the Alibi is her first series of which two installments are available. The finale is set to be released soon. Also available from her are Aint None of This Promised and Being In Love is Too Hard.

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