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Swirling Around Love #Multicultural #Romance Event: Author Shani Greene-Dowdell @Shaniwrites

Hello everyone. Today we have Author Shani Greene-Dowdell on the blog today. She just released a brand new book today entitled Earned By The Billionaire, so make sure you go check it out. Without further ado, here goes Shani ...

Shani Greene-Dowdell

Medical typist who turned her love for words into a career as a writer and publisher. Shani found her true passion between the pages of her writing journal and has gone on to receive special honors at the African American Literary Award Show, SistahFriend Book Club, Imani Book Club, Liberty Theater and The City of Tuskegee Key to the City, among others.

When she is not writing or reading a good book, she enjoys being in the theater working on her next play or assisting with community theater productions.

Author Interview

1. What inspired you to become a Multicultural, IR or BWWM Romance writer?

On 02/10/2015, my daughter gave birth to the most handsome interracial boy ever (grandma’s bias here, okay :). I was talking to my publisher and planning out my next story, when I decided to tell a story about love from a BWWM perspective. I started writing Breathless: In Love with an Alpha Billionaire before he was born and I fell in love with the story. Actually, I fell in love with BWWM books altogether. While I do believe romance is romance, I particularly like storylines that are sweet with a little twist that will end in a happily ever after. This is something that I feel is lacking in African American Romance, mainly because the readers are not soaking it up like they used to.

2. Besides writing, what are some of your favorite things?

Traveling and spending time with my grandchildren.

3. Name at least two (2) authors that you admire who write Multicultural, IR or BWWM Romance?

Ah, see you’re going to get me in trouble with this question. I admire many authors, but thinking of two in the BWWM arena, I’d say I admire Amarie Avant because she’s always so supportive of me and my authors and Theresa Hodge because she works hard and is consistent with her craft. Love both of their stories.

4. What types or genre of books do you enjoy reading? What are you currently reading?

I enjoy reading love stories. I try not to confine myself to genres any longer. I just don’t like a lot of gore when I’m reading. It’s like this, I don’t watch scary movies, but I’ll watch Forensic Files for 12 hours straight. I don’t like to read any books with doom and gloom, but I’ll watch the news and read articles about horrific things. I can deal with it in reality, but when I escape in a book I want some over the top, lovey dovey, kissing under the moon type ish. I’m currently reading The Perfect Stroke by Jordan Marie.

5. Are you working on anything new? If so, when can we expect it to be released?

Yes! It's been a while since I've gotten entranced by a fictional billionaire, so I’ve just released a BWWM story titled Earned by the Billionaire. The main character, Rusty von Strauss, has experienced a great loss that he doesn’t want anyone to know about, and he especially doesn’t intend to fall in love and have all of the layers that he’s built around himself peeled back by Kayla Johnson—and you best believe she’s pulling them back baby. I'm excited about this book.

6. Do you have any scheduled upcoming events; such as book signings, interviews, etc.?

I will be at the Atlanta Kickback on October 8th in Atlanta. I’ll also be having an online event for the release of Earned by the Billionaire. If anyone is interested in info on that, like my Facebook page.

7. Where do you expect to be in your career as an author five (5) years from now?

A #1 Bestselling author in both the multicultural and urban categories.

8. What advice can you give to new authors who’s interested in writing in this genre?

Study and perfect your craft by writing a lot and reading bestselling author’s books and also reading the classics. If grammar and spelling are not your strong points, but you’re good at storytelling, take an English class at your local college. Above all things continue writing until you’ve written that next Great American Novel J  A great book is one of the best marketing tools you’ll ever have.

Special message from Shani to you …

Thanks for your support. Without loyal readers, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.

Book Catalog

Breathless Series

Breathless: In Love With An Alpha Male

It's so hard to breathe when there's no air…

Walking out of a coffee shop, minding her own business, Destiny never intends to crash into real estate tycoon, Jacob Turner. A chance meeting leads to sweaty sheets, sleepless nights, and a passion she never knew existed. The curve of his lips, the warmth of his breath, his take-charge demeanor; Jacob is proof that charm and chivalry is alive and well.

Jacob had it all… except her. Due to strongholds from his past, he's not ready to let her own him completely. When Destiny pops up in his city, their love affair is challenged by someone who could never take Destiny's place. Getting Destiny to understand that she's the only one he loves proves to be a quest that the billionaire has the means and heart to take.

Will Destiny survive the love of the rich, white tycoon who took her breath away, or will the woman from his past that refuses to let go be the death of her?

Available for purchase here.

Breathless 2: In Love With An Alpha Male

Jacob is furious that his ex-girlfriend, Justine, has turned both his business and personal life upside down. He wants more than anything to be by Destiny’s side to rebuild what Justine tore down, but Destiny’s mother is hell bent on keeping the billionaire at a distance. With Destiny’s mother not allowing him to see her in the hospital, Jacob throws himself into fixing a financial disaster at work. Meanwhile, Destiny’s ex-husband, Montie Brown, is working overtime to reclaim the woman he never stopped loving.

Available for purchase here.

Breathless 3: In Love With An Alpha Male

In the finale, the Turner and Baker women are at odds over the men who've captured their hearts. Clara Baker has reasons near and dear to her for being so hell bent on keeping her daughter, Destiny Baker, away from Jacob Turner. Reason #1, Jacob’s father, John Turner left her high and dry with the burden of their love to bear over four decades ago. Clara puts forward a tough exterior, but the dormant pain she’s kept a secret for forty years is eating away at her soul. When she lays eyes on Jacob’s father, fireworks spark in the least expected way.

With John’s wife, Tammy Turner, cocked and ready to do whatever it takes to keep her husband, both Destiny and Clara are in for their fair share of heart wrenching drama. Meanwhile, John is prepared to do whatever it takes to make things right with Clara. Through it all, Jacob and Destiny are left to navigate the waters that were muddied by their parent’s choices well before their time. To complicate matters, Justine still hasn't given up on a second chance with Jacob.

Will Jacob and Destiny’s love be enough to make it to the altar or will their parents and Justine’s shenanigans finally sever their bond beyond repair?

Available for purchase here.

The Billionaire Wives Club Series
Co Written with Theresa Hodge

The Billionaire Wives Club

Ronan Michaels is fine as aged red wine. I’m talking wavy, chestnut brown hair, strong chiseled jawline, prominent shoulders and rugged ivory skin that’s been kissed by the sun. And those silver eyes were enough to make any woman swoon. All the women wanted him, but he chose me… his rarest, precious Ruby of them all, I was his African Queen.

Our wedding day was like a classic fairytale. I felt like a true princess. Ronan, my gallant white knight, made me feel that way. He made me feel beautiful, sexy and oh so desirable. His silver gaze held me captive from the beginning…even now, when it feels like the end… I remember looking into his eyes filled with promise as he vowed his love and devotion to me for a lifetime… I believed him.

Secrets and lies have a way of destroying lives and marriages and making what was once a happy home miserable and unbearable. My secrets…my lies cost me a price I wasn’t willing to pay. Who would’ve ever thought our happiness and love for each other would end up at this point? Not me, Ronan’s sweet Ruby…I never would’ve guessed my best days were behind me and I have no one but myself to blame.

I’m in for the fight of my life… win, lose or draw.

Available for purchase here.

The Billionaire Wives Club 2


I'm sorry for everything...

Sweet Jesus! I've messed up the best things that ever happened to me. My lust for another woman has caused me to lose everything I value in this life the most. My sweet Ruby and my dear children may be lost to me forever. Now, I'm miserable because of the mess I've made. I, Ronan Michaels, have single handedly broken up my family. I have to make it right and fast because there is another man lurking in the shadows, Ruby belongs to me and no other man can or will have her. She's my beginning and ending. Without her, I will fade away into nothingness.

Can you imagine me without my sweet Ruby?
Never! I will fix what I broke. This is my vow.


Oh God! My once happy home has turned into a place I despise.

I'm broken...I don't know if I will ever heal. The pain some days are intolerable. I pray and try to stay strong for my children. Even when I can't be strong for myself. I didn't think Ronan could hurt me any more than he already had, but he's proved me wrong this time. The lies, the betrayal has finally taken its toll on my heart and soul. No apology or confession of his love for me will ever fix this mess. I, Ruby Michaels, have finally had enough! Maybe Ronan and I are better suited apart and in the arms of another.

Will another love me better?
Only time can tell.

Trying to love two is never easy to do. Someone will always get the short end of the stick. You dance with the devil and there is always hell to pay. Will love mend broken hearts and bring a family back together again? Or will the Michaels marriage go up in smoke...leaving nothing but burning embers in its wake.

Available for purchase here.

The Billionaire Wives Club 3

In the finale of The Billionaire Wives Club, Ronan attempts to right his wrongs by spending a part of his fortune on Ruby. After his brush with death, Ruby comes back to him, but she's only there in the flesh. Her heart and soul are miles away. No matter how much money Ronan throws at their problems, nothing seems to be able to restore their love back to its purest form. The closer Ronan draws near to her, the further away she drifts into the consoling arms of Darryl Nichols.

Is the once fairytale ending for the perfect couple just that, a fairytale that's ended now that real life has set in? Will the love they once had for each other bring them closer or will the sweet kisses, soft tongue, and enduring and understanding arms of the other man, Darryl Nichols, help to bring Ruby closure and close the Ronan chapter in her life's book?

Available for purchase here.

Earned By The Billionaire

I won’t settle for his love. Love isn’t enough. Standing in front of a boutique eyeing a snazzy outfit, I’m window shopping for a “single again” gift to myself. I intend to enjoy my newfound freedom to the fullest. All I want is some good retail therapy and somehow, some way to forget the last year ever happened. I could’ve never guessed my favorite earring slipping from my ear would lead my future right up to me. And I don’t know at the time that my future is capable of stripping away all the hurt, along with every single tear I’ve ever shed. Rusty von Strauss breaks down walls and shows me all the ways that we’re meant to be. He makes me feel something I haven’t felt in my life…security in love. But the moment I let him in, just when I let myself believe that he isn’t too good to be true, he grudgingly unleashes a truth on me that will undoubtedly shatter everything we’ve built.

Everything was going great. Until I started to love her. A stray piece of jewelry lying on the ground gives me a unique opportunity. It’s ridiculously presumptuous of me, but I have to find out if she’ll, at least, have a cup of coffee with me. The view from behind her is impeccable, but I wait patiently to get a full glimpse of the beauty that accompanies her lusciously long ebony legs. When she faces me, I’m in awe of the way her beauty strikes me. But all it is—is a fleeting feeling—right? Nothing that will last past that coffee, dinner and an all-nighter in my penthouse. After losing my one true love, I made an oath to never love again. So what I see in this stranger has got to be fleeting. My one-time love that was meant to be has come and gone. My constitution is stronger than ever. I refused to fall into that L-thing. Giving my heart away yields consequences I ‘m not willing to pay. If all of this is true, then why does the thought of never holding Kayla in my arms rattle my core?

Expect a sexy, sweet standalone romance that tugs at your heartstrings in Earned by the Billionaire by Shani Greene-Dowdell, Amazon Bestselling Author of Breathless: In Love with an Alpha Billionaire.

Available for purchase here.

Book Excerpt ~ Earned By The Billionaire


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