Monday, October 17, 2016

Hunted Blog Tour: Interview with Detective Scarlett Fry

Detective Scarlett Fry has just been handed another case. We spoke with the detective when she was in the middle of the Kendall Harris case. It was a shocker to the city of San Diego that a serial killer was on the loose. It was Detective Fry and her team that brought down the assailant and got justice for the families. Today we are speaking about a new case she and her partner, Detective Carr have just received.

KFMB News: “Thank you so much detective for sitting down with us. How are you?”
Scarlett Fry: “Pretty good. Thanks for having me.”

KFMB News: “I hear you are just coming from Spain. How was it?”
Scarlett Fry: “It was amazing. I hardly ever get the chance to get away. My husband and I enjoyed it.”

KFMB News: “So, from what I’m hearing, you and your partner were called to a scene off Leland in Point Loma. Can you describe what’s going on when you arrived?”
Scarlett Fry: “My partner and I were called to a scene that looks like a suicide but could be a homicide. At this point, we don’t really know what we are dealing with.”

KFMB News: “And just for the record, no name has been released yet of the deceased?”
Scarlett Fry: “No. We have not released a name. The next of kin has not been notified yet. The case is still very fresh.”

KFMB News: “Who found the body?”
Scarlett Fry: “Since the case is still fresh, we aren’t releasing any names but it was someone who knew the family well.”

KFMB News: “You said family. From what we’ve learned there’s a husband, wife and child that lives there. Could it possibly be someone who is a member of that family?”
Scarlett Fry: “Again, I can’t speculate on that.”

KFMB News: “What can you tell us?”
Scarlett Fry: “I can tell you that the body has already been removed from the home. We are waiting to hear back from our medical examiner. At that time, we will notify the next of kin and release the name to the public.”

KFMB News: “Just off of a guess, does this look like a homicide?
Scarlett Fry: “It could go either way. But as soon as we know something that’s sharable, we will alert the public.”

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About the Book

Someone’s out for blood…

Detective Scarlett Fry is back in the highly anticipated follow up to Murder for Justice. Scarlett Fry has finally taken a vacation with her husband but somehow murder seems to follow her.

Away in southern Spain at the Cabana Resort, a couple is found dead. The locals can’t seem to figure out what has happened but it definitely looks like foul play. With no jurisdiction, Scarlett quickly gets back to her reason for the trip and forgets about the case…so she thinks.

Back in San Diego, Fry and Carr are handed a case.  A missing person?

A father is found dead in his car. His wife and son are missing. There’s no foul play but something just doesn’t seem right.  Eventually Scarlett’s time in Spain catches back up with her and she quickly learns that she’s hunting a man out for blood.

When revenge is best served cold, Scarlett and her team will do anything to bring this mother and son home safely.

Follow Detective Scarlett Fry in ‘Hunted’ as she travels across state lines to catch a heartless killer. A story with twists and turns you never saw coming.


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