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Swirling Around Love #Multicultural #Romance Event: Author Yolanda Dumas @yapdumas

Hello everyone. Today marks Day 12 of the Swirling Around Love event. We would like to introduce you to Author Yolanda Dumas from Blake Karrington Presents. She’s a new author so make sure to check out her work.

Here she goes ...

Yolanda Dumas

Yolanda Dumas is a native Tennessean, born and raised in the country on a farm. She lived in Connecticut with her husband for a few years and received her associate degree from Naugatuck Community College. Some of her hobbies include fishing, cooking, taking care of her family and reading/writing.

Yolanda has been a bookworm since she first learned to read. Reading was and still is the one hobby she passionately enjoys doing every day. She began her writing journey in her teenage years and continued to jot down stories that would pop up in her head but never had the courage to write a full storyline. After her husband's death, she was ready to see if her stories would be liked by other readers. In June 2015, she was signed on with publisher, Blake Karrington Presents and is grateful for him taking a chance on an unknown writer. Her first book was published thus making one of her life long dreams a reality.

She a great fan of romance and she creates stories combining several genres into one storyline which includes Interracial/Multicultural, African-American romance with Urban Fiction.

Yolanda is very grateful and thankful to all the readers who support her. Always leave a review once you've read her material as she loves to read the readers’ comments on her writing - the good and the negative.


Author Interview

1. What inspired you to become a Multicultural, IR or BWWM Romance writer?

I love reading romance literature.  Romance and love is a beautiful thing.  Seeing romance being shown to people of all ethnic backgrounds made me want to write about what I saw.  The heart doesn’t see color but only knows what it feels and I like to write about people finding love without having to consider race as an issue.  Don’t get me wrong I know there are struggles when dating someone outside your race.  But the process of putting those problems aside to follow your heart is what motivates me to write about finding love and the struggles couples go thru to hold on to that love.  My own marriage was interracial and the love my husband showed me was due to who I was as a person.  He didn’t see color.  He was taken away from me too soon due to illness and even after fifteen years since his passing I miss him dearly.   I miss the love he showed me every day. This is what mainly influences me to write the stories that I do.

2. Besides writing, what are some of your favorite things?

Reading is my favorite passion and I also love to cook, watch TV, listen to all forms of music, taking care of loved ones an playing games on my computer or game consoles.

3. Name at least two (2) authors that you admire who write Multicultural, IR or BWWM Romance?

Theresa Hodge, Shani Green-Dowdell, Genesis Woods and Posey Parks.  They are all great writers and I love reading their work.

4. What types or genre of books do you enjoy reading? What are you currently reading?

I read anything romance – Western/Cowboy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance,  African American Romance to name a few .  I also love reading Urban Fiction, Non-Fiction Self Help Literature, Mysteries, Science Fiction and Thrillers.

5. Are you working on anything new? If so, when can we expect it to be released?

I’m working on the finale to Tempestuous Entanglements and it should be released hopefully by the first of August.  I’m also working on the finale to Torn Between Love and Lust and I have begun writing a new series that isn’t titled yet.

6. Do you have any scheduled upcoming events; such as book signings, interviews, etc.?

Nothing yet but I that will be next on my agenda once I get my books printed in paperback.

7. Where do you expect to be in your career as an author five (5) years from now?

I expect to have more books available for readers to enjoy and meeting with the readers who support my work.

8. What advice can you give to new authors who’s interested in writing in this genre?

Write with your heart.  Know what you are writing about and just enjoy doing what you love – writing romance.

Special message from Yolanda to you …

First, thanks for taking the time to read my stories. I’m new to the writing game having my first book published June, 2015. I’m enjoying creating characters that come to life on paper and I hope you enjoy them as well. I write Interracial /BWWM/Multicultural/Urban Romance. Once you’ve read my book(s) please don’t hesitate to leave a review. It helps me to know what you liked and didn’t like about what you read. The critique helps me to hopefully make the next novel I write better than the one before. I have another untitled series in the works I hope once it’s published you all will enjoy. Again, thanks for the support and I appreciate all of you reading my work.

Book Catalog

Complicated Love Affairs Series

Complicated Love Affairs (Book 1)

The Stewart’s – Lovely, Balinna and Laria are three women trying to find love the only way they know how. Lovely is trying to get over her lost love. She never expected to fall in love and marry a white man, only to lose him suddenly in death. But now she’s on the hunt again for that one true love and hopes she has found it with her new Latin lover or will she always be doomed to being attracted to the wrong kind of men. Balinna has always loved her some black men but her trip to New York has her changing her tune when she becomes sexually involved with a white man. Can she get over her reservations dating out of her race or will the color difference always be the one obstacle holding her back from finding true love? Laria Stewart has had a problem of finding herself involved with the wrong black man over and over. Can she ever find that one true black man to love and give her heart, mind and soul too? Will she be able to return the love she has had locked up for so long to that one special chocolate bar? Family means everything to these three women but will the men that cross their paths cause more tension and conflict in their ever struggling relationships?

Available for purchase here.

Torn Between Love and Lust (Book 2)

Lovely Stewart Alcoa, Balinna Luden, and Laria Stewart return home from their trip to New York with mixed emotions on how their lives would be affected by the new lovers they have found and how ex-lovers will cause major drama in their lives. Add family drama to the mix and you have more crisis than one family can seem to handle.

Lovely and Brian Soto’s relationship is treading on thin ice as he seems to be hesitant to believe she is as innocent as she seems or a truly part of Reo Sanchez criminal organization and if he really wants to be a father to her unborn child. Brian wants to control her and her life which ain’t about to happen as far as she is concerned. Lovely’s drama continues with the real father of her baby, Zeke Cornish, who is determined to be a part of his child life regardless of what he has to do to make it happen. When her very handsome white bodyguard Daniel Alexander expresses his true feelings towards Lovely she is definitely torn between love and lust and which man will she give her heart and soul.

Balinna and Raymond (Bear) Aradolphus long distance relationship seem solid until her children’s father Marcus “Doughboy” Atkins begins to cause trouble wanting her back in his life and using their daughters to accomplish his goal. When Bear’s has a sister suddenly appear on the scene and Balinna wonders if she is the real deal or a secret he is keeping from her. Will their love survive all the drama that begins to disrupt their new relationship? Will Balinna realize he’s not as honest as he would have her to think, and her insecurities cause her to do the unthinkable pushing her to return to her devious and deceitful ways? Add her very gorgeous bodyguard Conrad Nevill to the equation and you got a whole lot of love or lust in the making.

Laria is hoping her relationship with Carlyle Richardson is the real deal, and he keeps the promise he made to her before leaving New York. Can she really trust him with her heart? When Lemen (Fish) Crawley causes more trouble for Laria and her family can her relationship with Carl survive the aftermath of their love or will it be torn away ending with Laria regretting her decision to give him her heart and soul?

Available for purchase here.

Tempestuous Series

Tempestuous Entanglements (Book 1)

So what happens when a good girl falls for a bad boy, only to be saved by a great man??!!

Lovely Stewart is a young beautiful black woman who happens to still be a virgin. She’s headstrong and taking charge of her life or so she thinks. With two totally opposite men competing for her love she finds herself involved in a tempestuous entanglement.

Her drug dealer boyfriend Marcus “Doughboy” Atkins wants to be her first and only lover and gives her luxurious gifts to win her over. But is he the good man he portrays himself to be? Or is he the type to be involved with Lovely’s cousin Balinna Luden who wants him only for herself and will do whatever it takes to keep him in her life.

White businessman, Patrick Alcoa, falls in love the moment he see Lovely for the first time. The chemistry between them is electric and he has to find a way to prove to her they belong together, make her see they are meant to be.

When her besties Robin, Lesa and her cousin Laria decide to take a trip to Atlanta. Will all hell break loose when everyone’s tempestuous entanglements are revealed?

Available for purchase here.

Tempestuous Entanglements 2 (Book 2)

Lovely Stewart and Patrick Alcoa are officially a couple. But the road to matrimony becomes the ultimate test of their relationship. Her sudden insecurities from the betrayal of her cousin Balinna Luden with her now ex-boyfriend Marcus “Doughboy” Atkins cause Patrick and her friends to wonder if she’s headed on a downward spiral of self-destruction when she begins doing things out of character. Will they be able to stop her road to destruction before she loses everything including Patrick the love of her life?

Balinna Luden’s revelation she’s pregnant with Marcus “Doughboy” Atkins baby turns her life upside down. Her choices cause her to lose the one thing she thought would always be there – The Stewarts. Her obsession with discrediting Lovely and having Marcus in her life is her ultimate fall from grace having to depend on Marcus to have her back. Finding out the feelings she has for the man she loves isn’t mutual as he obsesses over getting Lovely back into his life leaves her wondering if all her dirty deeds were worth losing everything When Robert “Outlaw” Atkins is released from jail and the truth who is really in charge of the running the drug game is revealed has her wondering if the decisions she made to have Marcus in her life was the right one.

Laria Stewart‘s life has become more complicated. Having her sister, Balinna, betray her cousin, Lovely, puts her square in the middle of their feud; a place she doesn’t want to be. Dealing with her parent's divorce and the men in her life leaves her having to make decisions she doesn’t know if she ready to do. Can she survive the aftermath of all the controversy that seems to be going on in the Stewart family and come out unscathed?

Lesa Bamboo Nelson is jealous of Lovely’s happiness with Patrick and she wonders if she will ever get her happily ever after with Ivan Morrison. Her husband, Kevin, has made it his ultimate goal to keep her by his side by any means necessary. When secrets are revealed about his past life and his affair with Charlene Atkins will this be enough to finally get her freedom from her horrible marriage and into the arms of the new man she’s fallen in love with and stolen her heart?

Robin Lipperton thought Rodrigo Zavala was the one man she could count on and trust. She’d finally found the someone to love unconditionally; someone to give the key to unlocking her wounded heart. But all is not as it seems when lies are told and secrets come to light proving Rodrigo isn’t the man he portrays himself to be. The more secrets that are revealed, the more her insecurities take over her thinking process putting. The decisions she makes puts the life she’s made for herself in jeopardy. Will Rodrigo secrets and lies be the one thing to have it all come crashing down around her?

Available for purchase here.

Book Excerpt ~ Tempestuous Entanglements 2

Lesa Bamboo Nelson and Robin Lipperton watch from the kitchen window at the Stewarts family farm as their best friend Lovely Stewart wrapped in a heated embrace with Patrick Alcoa, who a few minutes before officially became her fiancĂ©.    Lesa was happy Lovely was now able to express her feeling for the new love in her life.  She is free from the hellish relationship with ex-boyfriend Marcus “Doughboy” Atkins.  The lying and cheating had caught up with him.  He was known around the neighborhood for having numerous women at his beck and call. Lovely knew about his philandering ways but and had warned him countless times not to be messing around with her trifling cousin Balinna Luden.  That woman felt she was entitled to have everything that belonged to Lovely – her life, her men, her family.

Everything came to a shocking conclusion.  Lovely cut their Atlanta trip short to find out what Marcus was up too.  She literally walks in on a sexually charged scene between him and Bali giving her the proof she needed to rid herself of the lying scumbag she once called her man.  She watched them fucking in his bed at his house neither of them knowing they had an audience to their explicit scene.   Lesa didn’t know where Lovely found the strength to videotape the raunchy exhibition confirming what she had felt in her heart the whole time.  The truth was definitely exposed and Lovely was free at last.  It was a very painful experience for her to see the true reality of having her cousin betray her again and also finding out from Balinna’s dramatic announcement she is pregnant with Marcus’ baby.  It sent Lovely into a total meltdown until Patrick arrived and reminded her of their love and strong connection to one another.

Lesa was beginning to have doubts she would ever have a relationship like the one Lovely had found especially being able to love Patrick openly and freely.  She was still attached to her maniac husband Kevin Nelson.  She was unable to reveal the deep love she has Ivan Morrison.  She never thought the emotions she experienced with him would be so instantaneous.  Love at first sight and she wasn’t able to show him the love he deserves to receive from her without stipulations.

“Girl, what has you so deep in thought? You thinking so hard that frown is gonna leave a permanent wrinkle on your forehead” Robin says playfully.  Lesa doesn’t respond and Robin continues “But for real Lesa what has you upset?  This is supposed to be a happy occasion for us all.  Our girl is free from that cheating asshole and Bali’s has been exposed for the snake we always knew she was.  You all frowned up like you ready to go out there (pointing her finger out the window at Lovely and Patrick) and kick our friend’s ass the way you are mean mugging so hard at her.”  “Robin I’m happy for Lovely.  Don’t pay any attention to me right now.  I admit I’m jealous of her at the moment.  She has her happily ever after and I’m still chasing after mine.  I was standing here wishing it was me and Ivan out there snuggled tightly together like that declaring our love to one another.  But that won’t be happening anytime soon for me!”  “Lesa ain’t nothing wrong with you feeling the way you are.  You’ve found your knight in shining armor but at this point in your life, you are unable to show your love for him openly because you are still tied legally to Kevin.  It’s going to take some time to get your happily ever after.  Girl keep remembering Ivan loves you.   It doesn’t look like he is going anywhere anytime soon.”

“Robin I know I got some major issues to deal with.  Getting divorced from my husband isn’t going to happen overnight.  I wish it was a done deal now and I was able to experience what they are feeling (looking out the window at the Lovely and Patrick again).  I’m not one of those women who sneaks around hiding what I’m feeling for my boo.  As far as I know, Kevin doesn’t have any evidence to hold up dissolving our marriage.   “Have you told Ivan your concerns?  He loves you Lesa and will understand what you are facing.  Damn the man purchased you thousands of dollars in jewelry after knowing you a couple of days.  I still think you gave that man a taste of your honey and he loved how sweet it tastes.”  Lesa turns away from the window to conceal her discomfort at Robin statement and where it looked like the conversation was headed.  “Ain’t any use turning away Lesa.  You’ve never been good at hiding anything from me.  C’mon and tell the truth.  Ivan got a taste of you didn’t he?”

Clearing her throat she turns back around to face Robin and says “Well, I did tell Lovely so I might as well confess the truth to you too.  Yes, Ivan has had a taste.  The first night together we lost control.  What I experienced with him was amazing and a new discovery for me.  I found out how an orgasm is supposed to feel.  He made love to my vagina and afterward my whole world changed.  If Lovely hadn’t called when she did we definitely would have had amazing sex together.   The poor man was hurtin’ bad when I came out of my sexual haze and put the brakes on his seductive foreplay.”  “You mean to tell me you’ve never had an orgasm before hooking up with Ivan?  What kind of sex have you and Kevin had?”  “The kind where he gets on top of me pushes his dick inside my dry pussy for ten minutes or less.  He grunts giving me a wet ass and rolls off me and falls asleep.  It’s been that way since we got married.”  “Girlfriend you don’t know what you’ve been missing.  I’m quite sure when you and Ivan do consummate your relationship you’re going to be one very happy and satisfied woman.  I can’t believe you’re technically still a damn virgin!”

Walking in on the end of their conversation Lovely says “A virgin?  I thought I was the only one who fits that category?”  “Hey, Lovely.  We didn’t hear you walk in.  Where’s Patrick?” Lesa asked. “He had to fly back to Atlanta for a meeting he and Ivan have with potential new clients.  I didn’t get into all the details.  But back to what was being said when I came in, who is the virgin you were referring to Robin?  Is someone trying to claim my title?” and laughs.   “Naw you still hold the title for being the longest virgin to walk on this earth “Robin teases.  “We were talking about Lesa’s sex life and how unfulfilling it has been with Kevin.”  “Oh okay.  Well, I can’t comment since I’ve never technically made love to a man but after meeting Patrick, I’ve had several orgasmic episodes.  I can’t wait to fully explore those feelings with him.  I don’t know if I’m going to be able to wait until our wedding night before jumping that sexy body.”

They all laugh and Lesa asks “By the way, when is the wedding going to take place?  I hope you’re not going to have a long engagement.”  “What?  Engagement? Girl, please!  As far as I’m concerned we’ve been engaged since the first day we met.  The wedding is in two weeks and I’m going to need both of you to help me get it done.  Will you both help me?”  “Count me in,” Robin says giving her a hug.  “Rodrigo is handling business in Atlanta getting his dream of having several bakeries accomplished.  I’m still on hiatus from modeling for another month so I’m all yours.”  “How about you Lesa?” Lovely asks.  “I know your life is chaotic right now but maybe helping with the wedding arrangements will keep your mind off your problems for a while.”

Lesa bites her lip.  The last thing she wanted to do was be reminded how Lovely life is was on track and she wasn’t.  “I can help Lovely,” she says “as soon as I can find a lawyer to get the process rolling to divorce Kevin.  I want to be rid of that man as soon as possible!  “I think I can help you with your attorney problem.  You remember my mom’s brother is an attorney.  He has an office here in Brentwood but later in the year he’s moving his practice to New York.  His name is Carlton Petawang.  I can call him now and see if he’s available to at least talk to you and if he not maybe recommend someone reliable who can.”  “Lovely you’ve done so much for me already.  I can’t accept any more help from you.  I need to be able to handle this on my own” Lesa says.


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