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#WriterWednesday #AuthorSpotlight Sunsets With You 2 by India Norfleet @MsInnocentNdya #Romance #UrbanFiction

Writer Wednesday is a spotlight that will consist of an interview & spotlight on an author’s most recent published book. Our second Writer Wednesday guest is such a hopeless romantic & she loves to write about it. Let’s welcome the talented Author India T. Norfleet!

India, what's the title of your new book?

Nicholas and Carmen: Sunsets With You 2

Is this book a standalone, spin-off, or part of a series?

It is book 2 of a 3 part series.

List the main genre & sub genres this book is classified as.

The main genre is Romance with a sub in Urban Fiction.

What is your book about?

Just when Carmen Rose thinks she's finally ready to let go of loving Nicholas Payne- a man whom she felt never truly loved her, she gets a phone call that threatens to horribly alter her life and completely shatter her heart. Now, a complete emotional wreck, she rushes to confess a love she never wanted to take part of in the first place. But when things suddenly become much more difficult than they first appear, Carmen runs at the first chance she gets and doesn't stop until she's forced to confront her feelings head on. And in an instant, Carmen must make the decision to fight for love or walk off into the sunset all alone...

After having the unfortunate experience of understanding just how precious life can be, twice in the same day, Nicholas is ready to lay all his cards on the table and be completely honest with himself about what he wants. But when he bares his heart and is met with hesitation, Nicholas begins to wonders if he's made one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Fed up, Nicholas is ready to just walk away from it all but is he really ready to say goodbye to the only woman he's ever really loved?!

What message, lesson, or moral are you trying to deliver to readers in this book?

Basically, to believe in love. Never give up on love because it’s still out here and it still exists.  Some many people I know and just people in general have just giving up on the whole love thing. I write romance not just because I love to but to inspire hope and to show people that yeah, love can be ugly and let’s be real, it hurts like hell sometimes but if you find the right one that make you happy and that makes you forget that you were ever hurt, then your definitely onto something. Don’t get to the point where some jerk has ruined your outlook on live. Don’t get me wrong, we all go through ups and downs in a relationship but the ultimate goal is to find a lover, a friend where you have more good times then bad. Believe me, love, true, knock you off your feet type love is real!

Is this book a reflection of a personal experience?

Though there are little pieces of my personality in this book, this book is not based on or a reflection of any personal experience.

Where can this book be purchased?

As of right now, this book is available on Amazon in Kindle format.

Just stepping out of the shower, Carmen towel dried and went in search of her lotion when her phone rang. Because she was still preoccupied with finding her coco butter, Carmen answered the incoming call without checking the call screen first.


“This is you're last warning Carmen my dear. Stay away from my damn son or else you will regret the day you ever laid eyes on him. I tried to be nice the first time but you have refused to take heed to my warning. I thought we could handle this like woman but I see that you are anything but. I don't know why you're trying to take my son away from me and have turned him against me but it stops today. Go near him again and see what happens. Oh and by the way, how is your car darling?”

“Firstly Angelina, you have got me all fucked up. I'd don't normally disrespect my elders but it’s been way past time for me to put you in your place. It’s your son that keeps coming after me. That keeps sniffing behind my ass. And you better believe that he's loving every minute of it. I will not stop doing anything with him or to him unless he tells me to. So you can just get used to seeing my face and my ass because I ain't going no damn where. He belongs to me now. So you better get you a new hobby because your son is mine.”

“Listen you little cunt, keep your trifling ass away from my—

“Wait a minute honey, because clearly you’ve just lost your ever loving mind. This conversation is over, you have a nice day you miserable old bitty.”

What inspired you to become a writer?

I was a big reader as a child.  So much so, until I just fell in love with the written word. I also write tons of short stories and poetry during that time. Reading and writing poetry took me away from a lot of pain and helped me to escape whatever was bothering me when I was younger and even as an adult. I just love a good story. Especially a romance. One day I decided to sit down and write my own love story and the rest is history. I absolutely love what I do and I honestly don’t think I’d be the same person I am today without my talent!

What genre(s) do you write and why?

I write romance & erotica because I’m a true to the heart hopeless romantic. I love to see a couple made through the tough times together and still come out on top. I write erotica because I love to and to me it kind of goes in hand with romance for the most part!

Where can readers purchase your books? (Include purchase links from your website only)

Paperbacks can be purchased through my website via my contact page. Just send me a message & the transaction is via PayPal. All of my books can be purchased on Amazon.

What's next for you in your literary career?

Well quite a few things actually. My next 3 books are already in the works: Taste Us Together, Sunsets With You 3 and Report Live: Straight From My Heart (A collaboration with the talented Myrah Westbrook). I have five interviews coming up between now and the end of July. I also have a big book signing that’s scheduled for the end of the summer.

Fav 15
Favorite Authors Beverly Jenkins, Eric Jerome Dickey, Zane, Omar Tyree, Brenda Jackson, Adrianne Byrd & about a million more! We’ll be here all day if I continue. And these are just the household names. Lol!
Coffee or Tea Both
Favorite Movie/TV Show The Fifth Element / Scandal
Favorite Season Fall
Favorite Book Playing for Keeps by India T. Norfleet
Favorite Food Pretzels
Favorite Song Whatever You Want by Tony Toni Tone
Favorite Actor/Actress Bruce Willis / Kerry Washington
Favorite Quote I’m thankful for my struggle because without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength. – Alex Elle
Favorite Sport/Hobby Reading
Day/Night Night
Favorite Holiday Halloween
Favorite Restaurant Carrabba’s
Favorite Vacation Spot Atlanta

Book Information

Title Nicholas and Carmen: Sunsets With You 2

Author India T Norfleet

Genre African American Romance, African American Urban Fiction

Publisher Danielle Marcus Presents

Release Date April 1, 2016

Print Length 149 pages

Price $3 Amazon Kindle; Free with Kindle Unlimited

Purchase Links

About India

India Tasheena Norfleet was born and raised in a home on the west side of Detroit where education was top priority and as a result became an avid reader at ten years of age and was further encouraged by her cousin to then read daily.

Some time during the late nineties India was introduced to African American authors and was never seen without a book from then on. While India began reading the babysitters club and R.L. Stein's Goosebumps series and Stephen King horrors, romance very quickly became her favorite genre. By the time she entered high school, India had no other dream bigger than becoming a published romance author and poet.

As years progressed to adulthood, dreams of becoming a writer fell by the wayside as doubt consumed her and the real world set in, but writing romance never left her heart. Family and friends, as well as some of her favorite authors continued to encourage her to never give up on something she was so passionate about.

So in the summer of 2010, India finally sat down to pen what would become her first novel, Playing For Keeps. India has fourteen books to date (romance & erotica) and is currently signed to Danielle Marcus Presents!  India lives in suburban Michigan and is hard at work on her next novel!

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