Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Release | If This Isn't Love: A Hood Romance by Alexus Dominique

If This Isn't Love: A Hood Romance
Author: Alexis Dominique
Genre: Urban Fiction; Romance; Women's Fiction
Publishing House: Royalty Publishing House
Publication Date: January 18, 2016
Amazon Price: $0.99
Available with Kindle Unlimited
Amazon Rating: 5 Stars; Amazon Bestseller in African American Women's Fiction & African American Urban Fiction


While most twenty-six-year-old women were living the lives they’ve always dreamed of, Essence Young was suffering. While trying to cope with the loss of her boyfriend, Dre, of three years, she is called to Chicago where she learns of her father's death. In walks Syliss, a twenty-one-year-old hustler who picks up all of the broken pieces and makes them make sense. That is until Essence soon finds that she might be sleeping with the enemy. 

To the outside world, life for Summer Grant was perfect. She was young, beautiful, successful, and married to her childhood sweetheart Keyon. Things go from good to bad when the secrets of her husband’s past takes a toll on their marriage. Summer is heartbroken and seeks vengeance against Keyon. Until she is reminded of her own dirty laundry. Can their marriage stand its tests or will Summer’s own past catch up with her and surely ruin what the two of them share? 

Everything that glitters isn’t gold. That’s exactly what twenty-three-year-old Peace wants for her boyfriend’s groupies to understand. While people may think that Peace is lucky to have been chosen by the famous rap star Rich, she is suffering in his control, abuse, and disrespect. After finding that she is pregnant with his child, she feels trapped with no way out. Will Peace find the strength to walk or run away as she learns that when a man loves, he loves hard and he stops at nothing to keep the one he loves.

If This Isn't Love: A Hood Romance by Alexis Dominique is now available on Amazon for purchase. 1-Click it here.

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