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Author Spotlight | Ni'Kay Rountree

Author Ni'Kay

About Author Ni'Kay

Author Nikki "Ni’Kay" Rountree, a Chesapeake, Virginia native, is the author of I Am She: Woman to Woman,  Cash Rules Everything Around Me and The Cheater’s Wife series. She is a graduate of Norfolk State University and Old Dominion University. Nikki obtained her Doctorate of Education from Nova Southeastern University in Instructional Leadership. She is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated and The Order of the Eastern Star.

Author Ni'Kay has always enjoyed writing and hopes to continue to share her talents with the world. Aside from writing, she loves traveling, and spending time with her husband, Brian and three daughters: Briana, Kimari, and Laniya.

Author NiKay was signed with K.S. Publications in January 2015 under Kiki Swinson Presents. She is now an Indie Author and owner of Flawless Publications.

The Interview

VIP: Hi Author Ni’Kay Rountree, glad to have you here tonight! Tell us a little about yourself? Do you have kids, are you in school, how old are you, etc.?

Ni’Kay: Hello, thanks for having me. I am 42 from Virginia. I am married with 3 daughters. I teach. I was an administrator. I am done with school, I have a Doctorate in Education.

VIP: That's awesome! Being a teacher is something serious, I applaud you! Which publishing house are you signed to?

Ni’Kay: I am indie. I have started to publish under my company, Flawless Publications. I was previously published under K.S. Presents (Kiki Swinson).

VIP: What made you start your own publishing company? Are you accepting submissions at this time?

Ni’Kay: Well, I was indie before signing with K.S. Presents. I decided that I just wanted to take a swing at the Indie thing again. I want to use my company to help other aspiring indie authors to publish independently. So, more like a consultant. This hopefully will help authors put more money in their pockets while continuing to enjoy the art of writing. These are future plans.  Right now I'm still building my brand.

VIP: How many books have you pen and what are their titles?

Ni’Kay: I have three (3). ‘Cash Rules Everything Thing Around Me’ was my first release under K.S. Presents. It will be relaunched Feb 14 as a standalone under my publication. ‘The Cheater's Wife’ Series and my new release is ‘I Am She,’ my collection of poetry.

VIP: Can you tell us about your poetry collection, “I Am She”? What prompt you to publish it?

I Am She

Ni’Kay: It's a book of poetry that took me four years to write. They were in notebooks, on my phone, in my head, on my tablet, on pieces of paper at work, lol. I started writing poetry and my books as a stress reliever… I knew I wasn't going to the gym. They are all about life and things… emotions we as women have gone through or at least can relate to. My hubby encouraged me to make that the first release under Flawless Publications to set the tone.

VIP: Love it! That was an awesome idea by your hubby! Can you tell us what “Cash Rules Everything Around Me” is about without giving away the story? When should we expect it to be Re-released under your company, Flawless Publications?

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Ni’Kay: It's about a naive young girl who gets caught up and lead astray by the wrong guy. She finds herself in some sticky situations on the road to redemption. When I relaunch it, it will be a standalone; a combination of Part 1 and 2 with the answer to what everyone wants to know… Where in the hell is Antonio? Lol.

VIP: Can you tell us what “The Cheater's Wife” is about without giving away the story?

Ni’Kay: OMG, TCW is my baby!!!! It's about 2 women, having different perspectives of their relationships and cheating. It spins a tale of infidelity and the lengths a woman will go to when she is scorned!

The Cheater's Wife

VIP: How did you choose the genre(s) you write in and would you write outside your genre, which ones?

Ni’Kay: Well, ‘Cash Rules Everything Around Me’ is considered Urban Fiction. That genre chose me. I just kind of wrote and at the end the book was more Urban Fiction than anything else. However, I am more of a Women's Fiction author. I have a book that will be released this year called ‘Killed in Paradise,’ which is mystery and suspense!

VIP: What project(s) are you working on now? Any scheduled upcoming releases?

Ni’Kay: Yes, I will be co-writing two amazing anthologies with some super talented authors that will be released this year. I am co-writing with some amazing authors; I am working with Yushekia Mason on one project and Terri Branch and Anitra Hill on another.The relaunch of ‘Cash Rules Everything Around Me’ comes out Feb 14th. ‘Barely 16’ and the relaunch of ‘The Cheater's Wife’ will also be released this year.

VIP: Where do you see your career as an author in the next five (5) years?

Ni’Kay: I see myself as a household name, as an indie author. I hope to have Flawless Publications as LLC with clients who I consult to help them with their publishing needs.

VIP: Do you listen to music or do you prefer peace & quiet when you are writing? Any specific snacks you like to munch on?

Ni’Kay: I prefer peace and quiet. I like gummy worms and pink moscato.

VIP: Which author(s) would you like to write a collaboration with?

Ni’Kay: Boy, a lot of people! Terri Branch, Anitra Hill, Xyla Turner, Yushekia Mason, Pattie Doss, and there's many more I could name.

VIP: Who are your favorite author(s) and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Ni’Kay: Kiki Swinson, Terri McMillan, Sistahs Souljah and many more. I just love the realness behind their work and stories. The Coldest Winter Ever was one of the best books ever!

VIP: If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor &/or inspired you to become a writer? Who do you look up to in the publishing industry?

Ni’Kay: Kiki Swinson inspired me to write after reading The Candy Shop! Right now I'm learning from all of the new authors I've networked with.

VIP: What’s your favorite motivational/inspirational quote?

Ni’Kay: I like the T.D. Jakes saying, ‘If you're a giraffe, you can't explain yourself to a turtle!’

VIP: What are you currently reading? Do you read when you're writing your own book or do you wait until you've finished your book to read?

Ni’Kay: Right now I'm not reading. I try not to read while I'm writing.

VIP: Do you have any upcoming scheduled events; such as book signings, Interviews, etc.?

Ni’Kay: I will be attending the Sistas on Lit Book event in April.

VIP: What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

Ni’Kay: One person said my book.was too short and all over the place. That was said about The Cheater's Wife.I've had a lot of 4 and 5 stars where people said they loved the story.

VIP: You stated that 'I've had a lot of 4 and 5 stars where people said they loved the story.' I don't understand how or why readers rate a book with a 3 or 4 star rating but say that it was excellent or that they loved it. Why give it a lower Star Rating without explaining why?

Ni’Kay: I was told by a veteran in the game that sometimes people read books in genres that they don't really like and then rate them as such. If you don't like Urban Fiction, why read it and rate it a 3? Or, why say it's good and rate it a 3? People don't understand the importance of reviews to authors. If it's an honest review, I’m big girl enough to take it and learn from it. But BS & Hater Reviews… people can keep. You know there are people who post bogus reviews like crabs in a pot.

VIP: Do you produce any swag available for Readers, such as bookmarks, mugs, tees, notebooks, pens/pencils, etc.?

Ni’Kay: Yes, bookmarks. I just started a Tee (T-Shirts) business so there will be a lot coming starting in February/March -mugs, plates, tees, and hats.

VIP: What sets you apart from other authors? How are you & your work different?

Ni’Kay: Well, I am who I am. What you see is what you get! I am all about empowering others. I hate that ‘Willie Lynch’ mentality! My books are a reflection of me. I write about what I know, have experienced or seen.

VIP: Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Ni’Kay: Yes, Keep your head high! Don't stop dreaming. We often talk about our dreams, but don't pursue them! Do what you need to do to make them happen. Don't listen to the naysayers!

VIP: Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?

Ni’Kay: I just want to thank everyone for their support. I want everyone to continue to ride with me. There are some great things in the works!

VIP: It was a pleasure to have you here Ni’Kay! I really appreciate the love & support! Best wishes & much love & success! VIP Supports You!

Ni'Kay: Vaneka Miles, Thank you for having me. I loved the questions. I would like to give away five (5) ‘I Am She’ eBooks via Smashwords to the first 5 people that drop their email! Love you guys. Thanks for all the support!

VIP: Awesome! Thank you Ni’Kay and congratulations to Nicole Howard! She received an eBook copy of ‘I Am She’ from Ni’Kay!

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