Monday, November 2, 2015

New Release | Another Hood Love 2 by Jontu'

Author: Jontu'
Publisher: Leo Sullivan Presents
Publication Date: November 2, 2015
Genre: African American Urban Fiction, Urban Life
Book Series: Book 2 of 3
Price: $2.99
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After surviving the horrific events that took the lives of Jaeda’s loved ones she is now on a journey to turn her life around and provide for her child. Without Tone or her ride or die Laela, Jaeda has to learn how to adjust to living as a single parent. As she tries to stay on the right track and distance herself from the streets there are a few things that threaten to pull her back into the lifestyle that she so desperately wants to rid herself of. 
Once again Jaeda is questioning the direction that her life is headed and another whirlwind of events threatens to shake her life up all over again. Take a ride with Jaeda as we find out how she deals with what lies ahead, will she fall and lose her way behind the events that have threatened to break her or will she be able to pick herself back up just as easy as she did the first time.

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