Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Release | By Any Means by Danielle Offett

Author: Danielle Offett
Publisher: Kiki Swinson/KS Publications
Publication Date: October 13, 2015
Genre: Urban Fiction, Urban Life
Price: $0.99
Book Series: Book 1
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A young woman by the name of Tammy has a hard time finding love. The inevitable life changing events of having not only both of her parents abandon her at an early age but also her grandmother, who raised her upon their departure, was a lot for any young girl. So, she did what any typical person would do who was searching for love, she longed for love through men. Of course, searching for love from men was not the right choice but who did she have to teach her that? Relationships weren’t her best area but each one was helped crumble by her once best friend, Ke’Aira. Best friend turned enemy was worse than any hater because they were a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They knew how to hurt you deeper than any foe. The saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer is going to make or break Tammy. 
Heart break after heart break she is ready to give up until she meets the man of her dreams, so she thinks. He is a gorgeous God, by the name of Kareem. Kareem comes in her life as a Knight, coming to her rescue. His lifestyle of selling drugs isn’t what stops them from having a happily ever after. Instead, it is the women around her, led by the befriended Ke’Aira, which leads her to dance with death.

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