Sunday, March 22, 2015

Too Heartless To Love by A. Crump

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Lah’ru’s upbringing was the childhood nightmares were made of. After being molested at a young age, he chooses to forget what love even feels like and allows his rage to grow with him until he becomes an adult. Now fully grown, Lah’ru uses his anger to enact street justice as a hit man for one of the biggest crime bosses in New York – and he always hits his mark until he meets Phantom....
Phantom is a sweet but strong girl, who sees the good in Lah’ru despite his attempts to hide it. Slowly, but surely, Phantom shows Lah’ru a way of life that he never thought possible. He decides to leave the street life behind. But, what happens when the streets aren’t ready to let him go?
Lah’ru’s boss needs him now more than ever and isn’t willing to let his bad guy go good. He offers Lah’ru a choice: the streets or death. Now, Lah’ru must find a way to save the one person that saved him. Can Lah’ru make it out alive with Phantom by his side or will he die in the streets that raised him?
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