Sunday, March 29, 2015

Love Burn eBook Short Story Series

The Official Writer's League
Ashley Antoinette
When Noni married the love of her life she finally thought she would get everything she deserved. Riches, success, status, influence. She had it all as the wife of Mr. Dominick Meyer, but there is more to her title than meets the eye. When she catches Dom cheating and discovers that he isn't the businessman he portrayed himself to be, her life is changed forever. Finding out that their riches was amassed from drug money and that Dom has never truly been faithful, she wants out. With a messy divorce pending, Noni empties her husband's bank accounts and goes on the lam, in an attempt to run away from her daunting reality. She never expected to find a new love along the way. But when Dom comes knocking and a debt has to be paid her world spirals out of control. Join Ashley Antoinette as she pens an explosive short story series that takes you through love, loss, truth, lies, drugs, money, and death. Love has a way of leaving you burned in the end and Noni only hopes that she can escape its clutches unscathed.
The drama of Noni and Dom continues in Love Burn 2
(Available for Pre-Order now! Release Date: May 1, 2015!)
When an explosive secret is revealed. Will Dom and Noni's love survive? Or will she decide that she has had enough? The drama gets dangerous in Love Burn 3.

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