Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Official Writers League (OWL) presents the first installment of the Vintage Series.

By the beginning of the 1980’s, the Bronx had become a godforsaken slum, making it the ideal location for an epidemic. That epidemic arrived in the form of crack cocaine, which hit the streets with a savage force setting off an explosion of violent crime unlike anything ever seen before. The birth of crack brought with it more money, more guns and more gangs. The faces of which were younger, hungrier and more vicious than their predecessors.

In 1986, Hassan, a student of the streets put those lessons to work, ascending above all other ghetto dons and planting his flag at the top of the drug game. After successfully merging the north and south sides, Hassan ceases control of the largest projects in The Bronx, The Edenwald Houses. With maximum power and unlimited resources he and his crew reign supreme over the crack trade. But what crack giveth, crack taketh away as jealousy, rival crews and the federal government began chipping away at his once mighty empire. Enter Rhae, a beautiful, around the way girl, raised in the same unforgiven streets. After falling in love with Hassan, she tries convincing him to leave the game behind. But old habits die hard and the allure is stronger than either of them could imagine, proving getting out is easier said than done.

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