Wednesday, March 11, 2015

((NEW RELEASE)) The Wife of A Hustler by Porscha Sterling

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You may be down for your thug but is he really down for you?...

Vanessa is the official ride or die chick for her husband, Ty. But the thorn in her side is his babymama, Trinity, who still loves him and makes no effort to hide it. Although Vanessa loves her husband, there is only so much of his conniving baby mother that she can take. Especially when another person enters the picture.

While Ty is in Miami helping Trinity take control of her brother's haitian drug cartel after he is locked up by the Feds, Vanessa meets Mayhem, a sexy rival hustler in NYC, who is after everything Ty has. Like Ty, he is a sexy thug; a self-made millionaire who earns his living off moving dough in the streets. The only difference is that whereas the family life gave Ty a heart, Mayhem doesn't have one. And it's something about his cold-hearted, rough nature that causes Vanessa to want to risk it all.

Ty is trying to juggle the two women in his life and at the same time fight off Mayhem who ignores the rules of the streets and is steadily attacking Ty's empire. With Ty's mind on helping Trinity in Miami, his focus isn't on his family or his wife. By the time he tries to get himself together, it may just be too late.
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