Wednesday, March 11, 2015

(New Release] Schemes and Dreams

Do you know how it is for a single mother raising four kids in one house with no money and working two fulltime jobs? Do you know how it feels to always want to live better than living the hood life? Some say you have to struggle to get to the top, some say you have to see pain before you reach happiness. But what happens when that pain never goes away and that struggle becomes a long-lasting journey through a life that seems like it’ll never get better. Shawny Blackson thought if he hustled to make enough money, his mother wouldn’t have to kill herself working two jobs to take care of them. Lex moved out to lighten the burden, but even that didn’t work. Shawny has been beating the block since he was thirteen years old, hustling for a guy name Deondre Briggs a-k-a D-Boy.

D-Boy didn’t care if his workers got paid as long as he ate, so Shawny set out to go into business for himself with a friend he met along the way. Treyvon Mayners was a few years older, but he too worked for D-Boy struggling to get money. Trey had a-connect, but didn’t have the manpower or confidence to start out by himself. Once Shawny and Trey hooked up, money wasn’t an issue anymore. Leaving not one hungry soldier behind, they almost put D-Boy out of business. They took his spots, his friends, and pissed many people off.

Shawny’s older brother Reggie hustled on his own right out the house they lived in, their Uncle Mason was an agent working for the FEDs. He kept them under the radar, but once Reggie was murdered the streets talked from Bridgeport to Harlem. Shawny’s sister Neisha got in the middle and it became a family affair. Drama between friends, family, and different street teams built. A war wasn’t far behind, after some unknown dudes shot up Shawny’s car with him in it, the problems came rushing to the Blackson family.

What will happen next, will Shawny survive or will he lose his life? Will Neisha, Trey, and Lex get payback for what happened to Shawny and Reggie? You’ll have to read to find out. Where there’s money, there’s always going to be drama-revenge-pain- and death. How many bodies will drop along the way?

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