Wednesday, March 11, 2015

((NEW RELEASE)) The Power of Love: JaeCia's Story

In this short story, you'll follow the life of JaeCia, TJ and Kevin as they move on from the bittersweet feeling they like to call love. With JaeCia going through personal problems, just maybe she will find herself back with her first love. It's been said that your first love never dies and as she attempts to move on, it seems that the distance between the two only brings them closer.

TJ is living life as the young and sexy bachelor. After losing his baby mother and his dead girlfriend, he has no choice but to be a single father and raise his son. With thoughts of turning out like his father in his head, TJ turns to the only person he can trust.

Kevin has been living with his own demons way before JaeCia was ever his girl, let alone fiancée. As he tries to contain himself from showing her that side, it was only a matter of time before true colors are shown and lives are lost.

Follow this love triangle as decisions are made and lines are crossed!
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