Friday, March 6, 2015


Friends Like These by Kiki Shanique

Monica Carter is a successful matchmaker in her hometown. When it came to matching, Monica was everyone’s go-to girl. Monica had everything a woman could want, except a happy relationship. After being married for many years, she finds out life isn’t as good as she thought it was. Monica gets tired of being put on the back burner by her husband, Michael Carter and takes matters into her own hands.

Once Monica realizes that she could no longer hold her husband’s attention, she found sparks elsewhere. Alexander was your typical, young single guy, trying to find his way in life. After graduating college earlier than expected, his best friend Tamika refers him to her boss, Monica Carter, who is a successful matchmaker in Miami Florida. Alexander gets hired as a matchmaker consultant, and now working with Tamika. However, Alexander gets into a love triangle he never thought he would be in.

Monica and Alexander become really close friends, and turmoil breaks out in her business.
Find out what happens when friends mix business with pleasure. Does it work out, or will this successful business blow up in flames from drama?

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