Friday, March 6, 2015

((New Release))

It's Just A Hood Thang 2 by Dynasty Duff & Brooke Martin

Tauk is back with her beauty, charm and street capability and this time with more than just a tale. Things rapidly change as the unthinkable betrayal surfaces. Keisha still maintains her role as wifey and plays it well as Carter continues to take over the streets and running things. Rena is fed up with Kek and begins to make moves of her own while Shanna will stop at nothing to bring down Mr. Untouchable bka Carter. Renard continues to plead with his emotions and pull his self together but life is tormenting him. Lex is still in denial and unsure of what decisions to make and Pinky and Judson are still a Ghetto love story with all the trimmings.... Fasten your seat belts the ride ain't over yet.

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