Friday, June 16, 2017

#NewRelease: The Wife, Mistress, Chick On The Side III by @authornicoleh Nicole Hill

Book Title The Wife, Mistress, Chick on the Side III

Series Book #3; The Finale

Author Nicole Hill

Genre Contemporary Fiction, Urban Romance, Urban Fiction

Release Date June 16, 2017

Publisher Reality Publications Presents


Book Blurb

The divorce, the loss of his child, learning he may have a son with a psychopath should have been enough to make Morgan lay low but that's just not his nature. The one night stand he had with Melanie may prove to be more detrimental to his health than anything he's ever done. Will he make it out of this situation in one piece? Or will he finally get his comeuppance?

After learning the man she was in love with could possibly be the son of her ex-husband, Nyla is faced with a dilemma. Can she forgive Deshun for the role he played? Or will she walk away and never look back?

Once learning Neil's secret Shondra snapped and took matters into her own hands. Now she's faced with possible jail time. Will the support from Alexis be enough to keep her out of prison? Or will the help from a stranger do the trick?

Find out in The Wife, Mistress, Chick on the side 3!

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Books In The Series

The Wife, Mistress, Chick on the side (Book #1)

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Marriage is supposed to be sacred. It’s a union of love that is shared between two people. It’s the happiest day of woman’s life…

How would you feel if you found out your husband of seven years has been having an ongoing affair for three years? Could you forgive him and move on or would you pack your bags and leave?

Nyla Jones is faced with this dilemma after learning her husband, Morgan has been unfaithful…

Find out in this drama, suspense filled tale what happens when a man tries to juggle The wife, mistress and chick on the side.

The Wife, Mistress, Chick on the Side II (Book #2)

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Once finding out about Morgan’s scandalous ways Nyla packed her bags and never looked back. Never in a million years did she think she would ever find love again, but she did, in the young handsome Deshun. Will Deshun be her Prince Charming, or will he prove to be another Morgan?

Morgan lost his family due to his cheating ways but will that be all he loses? Somebody from his past is back ready to cause havoc on his life and everybody associated to him.

Nobody is safe when Karma comes knocking!

Author Nicole Hill

Nicole Hill was born in Batavia, New York and raised in Montezuma, Georgia. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music and spending time with her family.

Hill has been writing stories since the age of 8. She always dreamed of becoming a published author. On her 40th birthday that dream became a reality. Her first novel "Betrayed" was released. Nicole has three beautiful children, and is also fortunate to have two of the smartest grand kids in the world.

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