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#AuthorSpotlight: Ro Monique

Good Morning! Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Author Ro Monique. She is a writer of Urban Romance Fiction & Street Literature. Please welcome her to the blog and be sure to check out her work. Happy Reading!

Author Ro Monique

Ro Monique was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She is a mother of two beautiful boys who she loves and adores. Her passion for reading began at a very early age and wrote her first book in the third grade.

After relocating to Atlanta, Georgia in 2010 Monique settled into her new city and new life but her passion for writing continued to brew under the surface.
Fate eventfully played a leading role in her life by putting her in the right place at the right time. After joining her first book club, where she was surrounded by other book lovers she was inspired once again to rekindle her love for writing.

Monique began to compose her very first Urban Literature novel and that was all it took. Her love for writing finally began to pay off and now she is focused and determined to share her gift with the world. She has published 16 books to date!

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Author Interview

Vaneka Tell us about yourself.
Ro Monique Hey! I'm Ro Monique a mother of two beautiful sons, ages 23 & 11. My youngest is diagnosed with autism. I'm an avid reader and have been since I can remember! Besides reading and now writing I love hanging out with my sons, going to concerts with my oldest and playing video games with my youngest. I work from home for a large insurance company which I've been doing for the past eleven years. I enjoy listening to music, dancing and singing (even though I stay off key) lol. I'm addicted to TLC & the ID channels. I will watch them all day if I could.

Vaneka What do you hope to accomplish with your writing?
Ro Monique The things that I hope to accomplish with my writing is to get better with each book and appeal to a wider audience.

Vaneka What advice would you give to an aspiring author?
Ro Monique Don't give up! Stay focused, find a positive support system and always be willing to accept criticism whether good or bad. Everyone is not going to like your writing so don't stop when you get that first one star review, use it as motivation.

Vaneka What genres do you currently write?  Are there any others you’d like to try?
Ro Monique Currently, I write in the Urban Fiction-Street Lit genre. I would love to write in Romance, Sci-Fi and Horror as well.

Vaneka What are you doing outside of social media to expose your works to new readers?
Ro Monique Outside of social media I've began to attend book events. I've just recently donated books to public libraries in my area and I have been out and around town selling my paperbacks.

Vaneka Tell us something random about yourself.
Ro Monique I am extremely shy until I get to know you. Most people are surprised to hear that. It's gotten better as I've gotten older.

Vaneka Who is your biggest writing influence and why?
Ro Monique K.C. Mills, my publisher, would be my biggest writing influence. The reason is because, for one, she signed me (lol)! But seriously, I love her work ethic. The way she's able to put out book after book of quality work keeping her audience entertained and wanting more. She's a great inspiration as well as a mentor, being there whenever I have a question or even when I get "stuck" with one of my stories. I greatly appreciate her and everything she's done for me.

Vaneka Tell us about your writing process. Do you have a set routine?
Ro Monique My writing process isn't much of a process at all actually. Normally, my stories pop up in my head and I immediately grab my laptop and begin to write. I don't do well with outlines because my stories play out like a movie in my head. I have no idea where the story is going prior to writing- the events just happen if that makes sense. But two things I need while writing is my music and pack of purple skittles.

Vaneka How has your life changed the most since becoming an author?
Ro Monique The way my life has changed, I've began to be more social since becoming an author …and I like it. I absolutely love connecting to the people who enjoy reading my books, I call them Ro's Reading Angels. I love when they hit my inbox or just come in my reading group wanting to talk. I often send gifts just to show my appreciation to them.

Vaneka How do you encourage yourself to keep going during those times when you are frustrated and want to just quit?
Ro Monique Honestly, I haven't wanted to quit yet but when I do get frustrated or hit with "writers block" I take a break. I go out and have some fun, read a book or watch some movies. I have a strong support system with my big sister being my biggest cheerleader. Had she not pushed me and embarrassed me in front of K.C. Mills I wouldn't be here today. So I always have her by my side pushing me to show the world what I have to offer!

Ro Monique’s Most Recent Books

Still By My Side Series

Book Title Still By My Side: Jeff & Queen's Story

Series Still By My Side; Book #1

Genre Urban Fiction

Publication Date May 26, 2017

Publisher Supreme Works Publications


Print Length 212 Pages

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Book Blurb

Queen and Jeff were first introduced in Right By My Side. Queen was Brooklyn’s rebellious little sister who had actually gotten pregnant by Brooklyn’s boyfriend. For a while it seemed as if Queen couldn’t do anything right. She loved her big sister but was jealous of her at the same time. When she finally realized that she was going about everything the wrong way it felt like everyone was against her and her back was against the wall. In steps Jeff, you might say he was captain save a hoe.

Queen rebelled for attention and began to become more promiscuous day by day, although middle child Bronx was there to prevent most of her antics, she couldn’t stop them all. Her life changed the day she ran away and met Jeff, he was all she needed and wanted.

Although he was still selling weed to keep money in his pockets his goal was to quit soon. He admired his big cousin who was once in the streets but had made a name for himself in the music industry, something that he had been interested in as well. The only thing is the street life keeps calling him along with the money and the one from his past that got away.

Jeff and Moni never officially dated but cared deeply for each other in a way most would consider love. One fateful night while they’re out together Jeff is forced to make a decision to save both of their lives but drives them apart.
Moni shows back up just when things are going good with Queen putting his relationship in jeopardy stirring up old feelings.

Will Jeff and Queen’s past be strong enough to break the undeniable bond they have developed for each other or will their love for each other push through. There will be a lot of up’s and down’s this young couple will undergo during this journey that hopefully they can get through.

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Book Title Still By My Side 2: Jeff & Queen's Story

Series Still By My Side; Book #2

Genre Urban Fiction

Publication Date June 12, 2017

Publisher Supreme Works Publications


Print Length 198 Pages

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Book Blurb

Jeff and Queen had that kind of love that everyone wanted, it was so honest and pure that it seemed as though nothing could break them apart that is until a blast from Jeff’s past comes around.

Queen is outdone when she finds out that her ride or die has done the unthinkable and cheated on her. Not only that but they have a history and he had been taking care of her the entire time, spending every moment away from Queen with the other woman. And if that isn’t enough he gets her pregnant!

Jeff always felt like Moni looked out for him and he was determined to do the same for her but sleeping with her crossed the line of not return. Although he loves Queen with all his heart will she forgive him for his infidelity?
Jeff is doing everything in his power to make things right but will it be enough or has he lost Queen forever?

Dog came to avenge his sister’s death with the one person whom he considered close almost just as much as his sister. But he’s angry because of her his sister is dead, she was doing this one last hit as a favor for her best friend and she ended up being murdered in the process. Dog has been holding on to this for years and when he gets the call to put in this work with a 60g payout he’s on it! But once he arrives he finds out some information that will change the dynamics of everything.

Moni isn’t the only blast from the past that comes around and when this one does he makes sure to let everyone know he isn’t there for the games. This person wants revenge from everyone he feels hurt his family and he isn’t stopping until he has that street justice that he’s came for.

Will Moni finally give up and let it go along with everything else if Jeff doesn’t choose to love her the way that she wants him to love her?
Can love conquer all or is a baby too much to even compete with?

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Never Let 'em Play Me Series

Book Title Never Let 'em Play Me

Series Never Let 'em Play Me; Book #1

Genre Urban Fiction; Romance; Urban Romance; African American Fiction

Publication Date March 22, 2017

Publisher Supreme Works Publications


ISBN-10 1544866178

ISBN-13 978-1544866178

Print Length 178 Pages

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Book Blurb

Kenzo, Erk, and Jyaire have been childhood friends for as long as they could remember. They went from playing in the schoolyard together to slanging dope on the corner trying to make a come up.

Kenzo has always had it hard in life having to live with drug-addicted parents. Then, to make matters worse his father was killed leaving his mother strung out more than ever before. Kenzo isn’t selling drugs because he wants to its solely for his survival. Although his father’s side of the family offered to take him in he refused to leave his mother’s side even though she could care less about him. If he didn’t have any drugs to give her she didn’t have any conversation for him.

Jyaire’s situation is the complete opposite. Coming from a loving two-parent household he should have been hitting the books instead of the corners. He, on the other hand, is in it to be the popular. Growing up he wasn't too easy on the eyes and often was overlooked by the females. Inside Jyaire is secretly jealous of all the attention that Erk and Kenzo gets and this animosity has been brewing for years.

Erk is the level headed one of the three; he had to grow up a little faster after having a baby with his childhood sweetheart, Calyta. Erk is only trying to provide for his family and have a little fun while doing so. Although he loves Calyta with all his heart, he is still young and not ready to settle down completely just yet.

Kenzo and Jyaire bump heads constantly leaving a frustrated Erk to bring them back around. Erk has to constantly remind them that they are all best friends but it’s starting to get old quick. The older they get the harder it is for them to see eye to eye on anything at all.

One fateful day changes everything for them when they walk into a drug deal gone wrong and hit the lick of the lifetime! With no survivors left everything is for the taking and that is exactly what they do. Now Kenzo, Jyaire, and Erk are sitting on the top of the world. With an endless cash flow and an army behind them, they are running the entire state of Georgia with hopes to expand even further in the game.

Lies, jealousy, deceit, betrayal, and murder will come between these three friends leaving only one standing. Who will it be?

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Book Title Never Let 'em Play Me 2

Series Never Let 'em Play Me; Book #2

Genre Urban Fiction; Romance; Urban Romance; African American Fiction

Publication Date April 12, 2017

Publisher Supreme Works Publications


ISBN-10 1546310002

ISBN-13 978-1546310006

Print Length 182 Pages

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Book Blurb

Erk had finally put his cheating ways behind him and was finally ready to be the one-woman man that Calyta believed him to be from the very start.
All Kenzo wanted was his mother’s love something that he’s been in competition with for a very long time but now he’s found out that he’s not the only one wanting Rosa’s love.

Jamari was finally able to track down Trina so he could finally get his revenge on her for leaving his son for dead just days after his birth, but not only that but having played a hand in the death of his very own parents.
Jyaire is now the man everyone loves to hate; he’s caught his first two bodies one being his own flesh and blood and with his once two best friends being shot down as well he is the number one suspect!

At the end of part one Erk and his family are ambushed while walking out of the house headed for a fun filled family day until someone ruined that for them. Kenzo was dealing with the fact that his mother was living with and currently pregnant by someone he once called a friend. He was so filled with rage that he pushed his love Gabrielle away and ended up at a strip club getting shot.

Jamari found out the one person he trusted to bring Trina to him had failed him and was now falling for the enemy. Is real nigga Roger on that bull shit or is he really doing right by Jamari?

Will Erk and his family be able to recover from being ambushed in front of their own home? Did Kenzo make it and if so will he be able to pull through? And did real nigga Roger betray Jamari by falling for Trina? Jyaire seems to be the last man standing will he continue his reign of terror over everyone.

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Book Title Never Let 'em Play Me 3

Series Never Let 'em Play Me; Book #3 The Finale

Genre Urban Fiction; Romance; Urban Romance; African American Fiction

Publication Date April 19, 2017

Publisher Supreme Works Publications


ISBN-10 1546884556

ISBN-13 978-1546884552

Print Length 202 Pages

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Book Blurb

It was taking some time for Erk to deal with death of Calyta he runs in to his new beautiful neighbor who is no stranger to death herself. After losing her husband a few years ago she gives Erk a new way to face the world without having Calyta in his life. The fact that she’s attractive and they clicked didn’t hurt either he has a new pep in his step and it’s all because of Natalie.

Although Kenzo is about to be a new father he has taken on the task of raising his baby sister after the untimely death of his mother. All is well in the Jones household as they prepare to raise two babies at one time.
Jamari was shocked to find out that Piper and Jesse handled that little problem of his called Trina. He also made Piper promise to never do anything like that again he would be turning her in seeing as she’s just about to give birth to their third child.

As the fellas prepare for the grand opening of their lounge they are shocked to find out that the whole time they believed Jyaire was behind Erk’s shooting and Rosa had relapsed it was actually the owners of the drugs and dope the stumbled across some years earlier.

Now they needed to handle this situation and the other issues as they come to the end of their run. Will everyone get their happy ending and live happily ever after or will there be more unexpected deaths along the way. Strap in and get ready for this last and final ride with the guys. Where the motto is and will always be no matter what you’re up against, or what games are being played you will always make that promise to yourself to Never Let Em Play Me.

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Right By My Side Series

Book Title Right By My Side: 3 The Hard Way

Series Right By My Side; Book #1

Genre Urban Fiction; Romance; Urban Romance; African American Fiction

Publication Date January 9, 2017

Publisher Supreme Works Publications


ISBN-10 1544259794

ISBN-13 978-1544259796

Print Length 145 Pages

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Book Blurb

Brooklyn, Keena and Zara have been best friends since the fourth grade and now they are well into their twenties each dealing with grown up problems that they probably shouldn’t be going through.

Brooklyn has finally left her abusive relationship and is ready to live and enjoy the single life! She moves in with her mom who has never grown up along with her two little sisters Bronx, Queen, and Queen’s baby Jamaica. Brooklyn’s mom was obsessed with New York even though she had never been there.

Keena is a beautiful plus size mother of two precious little boys Nasir and Truth, whom she loves dearly. Although her relationship with her own mother has been less than wonderful, she wanted to give her boys the motherly love that she never received growing up. Neither of the boy’s fathers are active in their lives. Nasir’s father hasn’t been seen since she was six months pregnant and Truth’s father is Chris. Chris is not the ideal father. He only claims Truth behind closed doors and he’s verbally abusive towards Keena. Chris is constantly putting Keena down about her weight as well as her looks. Chris is always quick to let Keena know that no one will ever fuck with her but him.

Then there’s Zara who is the simplest of the three but has the worst temper of them all that gets even worse when she drinks. Zara lives the simple life, her parents died in a car accident a few years back and she was left a hefty life insurance policy, although she claims it wasn’t much. She doesn’t have to work, but she does spending most of her money at the thrift stores that she’s addicted to. Zara had it pretty good growing up besides the fact that she was confused about her sexuality. She likes both women and men not really have a preference of one over another. She meets a sexy young lady but is quickly left heartbroken.

In steps Moe, a very successful business owner, Seunda an entertainment manager, and Rab, one of Seunda’s clients and very good friend that’s an upcoming rapper. They stepped into the lives of these women when they needed them the most not even knowing it. By no means are they perfect, but they know what they want and that happens to be Brooklyn, Keena and Zara.

When tragedy strike’s they stay right by their side in their time of need, showing them that real men do still exist.

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Book Title Right By My Side 2: 3 The Hard Way

Series Right By My Side; Book #2

Genre Urban Fiction; Romance; Urban Romance; African American Fiction

Publication Date February 8, 2017

Publisher Supreme Works Publications


ISBN-10 1544260067

ISBN-13 978-1544260068

Print Length 206 Pages

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Book Blurb

Keena was getting her life together. She had found a man that loved her and her children the way that they needed and deserved to be loved. Here comes Chris, who couldn’t accept that Keena didn’t need him in her life anymore bringing her down with all the mental abuse that he delivered to her daily.

How could he set fire to a house that not only had Keena’s mother and “alleged” boyfriend Pastor Troy but her oldest son Nasir, along with his very own flesh and blood little boy Truth. What type of monster would do such a thing?

Will Seunda step up and be there for Keena when she needs him the most or will he turn out to be just like the rest of them, showing his true colors once times get tough?

Brooklyn did the one thing that Moe asked her not to do. She lied and ended up back in the company of her ex who didn’t do anything but physically abuse her every chance he got. When Brooklyn made that fateful choice to go see Ashley one last time, she never realized that it could possibly be her last time to do anything. Brooklyn never thought that she would end up with a gun in her mouth, let alone that Ashley would pull the trigger. If Brooklyn does make it through all of this will Moe forgive her and her deceit and continue to love her?

Zara ended up pregnant and all seemed well, but lately some old feelings have begun to resurface and she’s thinking about revisiting something that she thought she put behind her after she got with Rab and found out that they were expecting. Will Zara go back to her old ways and risk her new family that she’s starting with Rab?

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Book Title Right By My Side 3: 3 The Hard Way

Series Right By My Side; Book #3 The Finale

Genre Urban Fiction; Romance; Urban Romance; African American Fiction

Publication Date March 8, 2017

Publisher Supreme Works Publications


Print Length 174 Pages

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Book Blurb

Brooklyn ventured out on her own to save her best friend because the guys were just taking entirely too long to handle their business. Her plan had actually worked out. She was able to manipulate and gain Chris’ cousin Jamal’s trust, and he led her right to Keena.

Everything was a go until Chris recognized Brooklyn and Keena’s matching wrist tattoos and her plan blew up in her face. Now it was up to Zara to do her part and come through in the clutch and help the girls get to safety. Will Zara come through on her end or are the girls doomed to their fate by the hands of the crazy cousins.

Zara has just realized that Rab has been behind everything, including that double murder that she wasn’t sure actually happened. She’s learning a whole new side of Rab that she never knew existed. Will Zara be able to get past the fact that her baby’s father is not only a musician but a real life killer on the side?

Moe and Seunda have no idea that the fate of the women they love are in the hands of Zara. All they can do is sit back and pray that the women they love will come back to them soon.

Queen ran away from home because she felt that everyone was mad at her and would never forgive her for betraying her big sister Brooklyn. Not only did she sleep with her sister’s boyfriend, she got pregnant and had a child with him. But now that Ashley is dead, Queen feels as though she doesn’t have anyone left. Will Queen fall victim to the streets or will she get herself together?

It’s the finale, get ready for this ride with the gang as they go through all these twists and turns of this thing called life.

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  1. Wow..I loved this article. I have just recently became a fan of Ro Monique's writing and I promise you guys will fall in love from the first chapter.

    1. Thank you Cha! I'm glad you enjoyed the article. I'm sure everyone will enjoy Ro Monique's work, just as much as you do.