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#NewRelease Spotlight: Hypnotic, Magnetic Seduction by @yapdumas #IRRomance

Book Title Hypnotic, Magnetic Seduction

Author Yolanda Dumas

Genre(s) Interracial Romance; Multicultural Romance; Romance

Release Date May 3, 2017

Publisher Self-Published


ISBN-10 1521173621

ISBN-13 978-1521173626

Print Length 209 Pgs, eBook | 237 Pgs, Paperback

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Book Blurb

Lena Campbell, a beautiful African American woman, is a survivor dealing with harsh struggles she’s faced throughout her young life. The one thing she has never been lucky in is experiencing true love. Lena now finds herself in a sticky situation dating two very different men from diverse backgrounds. She has to make a difficult decision regarding her relationship status. Is she ready to give her heart to Fahim Zavala, a handsome Puerto Rican, who’s sexy accent propels her into a hypnotic spell slowly cracking the thick armor guarding her heart? Or will her friendship with a very attractive Caucasian businessman, Gerard Conway, become a romantic connection? Will her dreams come true and she finds real love with the right guy? Or will Lena lose it all after two men vying for her heart realize they‘re competing for her love?

Tura Figest, an alluring Indian woman, is a carefree college student enjoying life one day at a time. The last thing on her mind is love and relationships. So imagine her surprise when she finds herself having an unexpected sexual liaison with a total stranger, a gorgeous Caucasian man with hypnotic brown eyes. Unbeknownst to Tura, the man who has captured her attention is one of the men her best friend, Lena, is dating. To complicate things further Tura has strong feelings for a man she’s only known a few days and may be pregnant with his child after having unprotected sex. Will Tura have to choose between a long-standing relationship with her best friend over a stranger who may or may not share romantic feelings for her? Will her life continue to be easy going or a total disaster from an unforeseen broken heart?

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Author Yolanda Dumas

Yolanda Dumas is a native Tennessean, born and raised in the country on a farm. She lived in Connecticut with her late husband for a few years where she received her associate degree from Naugatuck Community College.  Some of her hobbies include fishing, cooking, taking care of her family and reading/writing.

Yolanda has been a bookworm since learning how to read. Reading is the one hobby she passionately enjoys every day. She began her writing journey as a teenager and continued jotting down stories that popped into her head over the years. Dumas never had the courage to try writing a book or becoming a published author.

After her husband's death, Dumas was ready to see if other people were interested in reading the stories stored in her mind of what she’d written over the years. In June 2015, she was signed with a publisher, Blake Karrington Presents and was grateful to him for taking a chance on an unknown writer. Her first book, Complicated Love Affairs, was published thus making one of her lifelong dreams a reality.
Yolanda is a great fan of romance, and she creates stories combining several genres into one storyline which includes BWWM, Interracial/Multicultural, African-American Romance with a flare of Urban Fiction included.

Yolanda has written several novels since Complicated Love Affairs which include the series Tempestuous Entanglements 1-3 and Torn Between Love or Lust (part of the Complicated Series). All five books are presently being revamped with new book covers and re-editing and will be available soon again on Amazon.
2017 is the year of new beginnings as Yolanda steps out of her comfort zone to become an Indie Published Author with her new standalone release entitled; Hypnotic, Magnetic Seduction.
Yolanda is very grateful and thankful to all the readers who support her.

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