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#NewRelease Spotlight: Creole Mafia 2 by Armani Chanell @AshSooKrazii #UrbanRomance

Book Title Creole Mafia 2: Hurricane Season

Series Book #2

Author Armani Chanell

Genre(s) Urban Fiction; Urban Romance; African American Romance

Release Date May 13, 2017

Publisher Major Ink Publications


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Book Blurb

A hurricane is mother nature's way of cleaning house. It's a nature disaster that no matter how prepared you are, no one can predict its damage; just like Lovely Reign Batiste. After a long year of being in the care of Michael and Mitch, Lovely returns home to New Orleans to tie some loose ends. It's just one thing though. She's now mentally unstable and cause chaos to brew as she once again tries to find out her past while correct her future with Jeremy.

To say they were once unable to be separated; an occasional conversation as become the new normal for Isis and Missy. With Missy trying to get close to her father, opening a shop and her new found romance, she has very little time for Isis. That's until Isis reveals what she remembers from the night Missy's mother died.

Isis is struggling to get her life back in order. Still trying to find out what happened to her mother, she accidentally opens the world to Pandora's box while searching. Isis is hit with some decisions that will have her face to face with Michael.

Both Junior and Jeremy are coming to terms with the people they are destiny to be. The problem is now it will cause conflict and chaos between the two. Will love for family over power the love they have for the women in their life?

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Creole Mafia: A Fanmi Affair (Book 1)

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After the murder of her father and her mother sudden disappearance ten years ago, Isis has come to a point where she has to find out what has happened to them. But a few events have slowed down her stride and landed her at the feet of a childhood friend, Junior, looking for both help and freedom.

Junior and Jeremy are two cousin destined to be the Creole Mafia’s next in charge. That's if their fathers’ past dealings don't catch up and destroy everything their Grandfather has built.

Missy is a long-time friend of Isis. She's funny, loving and care-free until a tragic loss unlocks secrets she's been searching for her whole life. Missy is hoping she's not force to choose between her newly found family or the ones that have been sticking it out with her since a youngin’.

Lovely is every bit of her name until she overhears news that places all of the missing pieces in her life together. Lovely is stuck in between finding out who she really is or pleasing the man she once thought of as her family.

Author Armani Chanell

Author Armani Chanell; whose real name is Ashley, is a 26-year-old New Orleans native. Ashley began writing simple stories, and poems at the young age of ten. However, she didn't become serious about her talents until being diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 14 after the tragic natural disaster, Hurricane Katrina. Since then, Ashley has been using her talents to create different intriguing stories.

In August of 2016, Ashley was signed to First Lady Kaye Presents under the name Lady NOLA. Unfortunately the company parted and left Ashley once again unsigned until December 2016. She is now a proud member of Major Ink Publications.

Besides being an Author, Ashley is a Mental Health Counselor, Direct Service Worker, Student, and raising a two-year-old child with autism.

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