Saturday, May 20, 2017

#BookSpotlight: Breathe Again: Music For Love by Danielle Marcus #AARomance

Book Title Breathe Again: Music For Love

Series Breathless, Book #2

Author Danielle Marcus

Genre(s) Urban Fiction; Urban Romance; African American Romance

Release Date May 6, 2017

Publisher Danielle Marcus Presents


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Book Blurb

What happens when you find a love that you need as bad as the air you breathe... when everything in your life seems to be falling apart, but just one look into that special someone's eyes makes everything right again? Kane and Bella are back and their relationship is steamier than ever, but love is never easy. With more drama than a little, keeping the fire going will prove to be harder than they thought.

After everything that Sienna has been through, love seems to be the last thing on her list of priorities... but sometimes it comes about when you least expect it. Will Sienna open her heart to love again, or will the scars of her past turn out to be deadly?

Cheyenne and Chavez's relationship hasn't proved to be a fairytale, and just when they begin to get everything back on track, their world is turned upside down. When the dust settles, their relationship, their family, and their livelihood will be put to the ultimate test.

Tea is spilled, secrets are revealed, and the steamy romances will hold you hostage until the very last page. One-click your copy today and allow this sizzling read to heat up your kindles!

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Books In The Series

Breathless: Deeper Than Love (Book 1)

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Kane Rockford started from the bottom, working his way up from the gritty streets of Detroit to the C.E.O of one of the top consulting firms in the Midwest. With a checkered past, falling in love was the least of his worries; business was his first priority over anything else. However, when the sexy, sultry Bella McClain weasels her way into his heart, what starts out as an innocent game of cat and mouse turns into a sinful affair that’s too hot to stop, and too intense to forget. One night of pleasure could cost them everything they’ve worked so hard to build; especially with Bella engaged to be married.

The Rockford women are a crew of young, beautiful, and feisty ladies with big personalities and strong minds… except when it comes to the men in their life. With chaos brewing within their family, as well as their relationships, there’s only one thing that they can agree on: no woman is good enough for their brother and especially not Bella McClain. As drama unfolds and skeletons from the past threaten to divide their foundation, will their bond be strong enough to hold the family together?

Breathless takes you on an emotional roller-coaster, spinning the perfect web of drama, lies, and deceit until the very last page. Allow the crew to heat up your kindles.

Author Danielle Marcus

Ever since the fourth grade, Danielle Marcus has had a strong passion for literature, so it is to no surprise that she became an author. With twelve titles under her belt, she has jumped head first into the literary world. When you read a Danielle Marcus book, you can expect drama, romance, suspense, and a realistic connection to the characters that will have you anxiously turning the pages.

Not only has she established herself as an author, but she has also started a publishing company, Danielle Marcus Presents, where she helps other current and aspiring authors to jumpstart their careers. Readers can definitely look forward to a lot more great work from Danielle Marcus and the authors under her wing.

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