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#BookReview We Were Never Meant To Be, We Just Happened by Ke'Asia Morris @dangerouslykea

Book Title We Were Never Meant To Be, We Just Happened: An Unexpected Love Story

Author Ke’Asia Morris

Genre(s) Urban Romance; Urban Fiction; African American Romance

Publication Date April 6, 2017

Publisher Talehia Presents


Print Length 136 Pages

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Book Blurb

“I don’t understand why you give me such a hard time. I know you better than that ni**a will ever know you. We can make this shit work, Hari. I just need you to give me a fair chance… Please?”

If it was left up to Jahari to describe her love life, she’d quickly say nonexistent. She focused on school, work and photography, trying to better her future for her and her son. All of that quickly changed when she finally gets her hands on a man she’s been crushing on. They hit it off and love comes fast but just as fast it seems to fall apart. When she least expects it, she finds herself caught between the one she always knew she wanted and the best thing she never knew she needed. The question is who does she end up with?

Kaelyn seems to have everything figured out. She’s interested in having fun and turning up school, and just living every day as if it’s her last but when she meets Josiah, he slows her up. Their love story is one of the oddest but it works out perfectly for them but when a secret about Josiah and his dealings is exposed, it leaves Kaelyn broken and confused. Unintentionally, she finds herself in the arms of another man. Could he be the one to pick up all of the broken pieces and help put her back together again?

In We Were Never Meant To Be, We Just Happened, two best friends and the men who love them are put to the test when it comes to love. Not everything is not what meets the eye but in the end, it will it all play out?

My Rating


My Review

The drama in this book is insane. The bond/friendship between Kae and Jahari is remarkable. I loved, yet envied their friendship. They have that type of friendship I'm sure everyone would like to have. This story was pretty good, engaging. I was blown away by the many secrets and deception, especially the infidelity. Some of these characters were ridiculously stupid. I had a few favs; Jahari, Jadiel and Kae.

It sadden me what happened to Kae. She did not deserve that. I feel like she moved to fast afterwards. The type of hurt & pain she went through can not be dismissed by moving on the way she did. Jahari had it rough too. Im suprised by her reactions to everything. I, on the other hand, may have done things a lot differently than her. Symir, in my opinion, was a complete fool. I liked him at first, but his true colors finally shined and he was exposed. Josiah made me so darn mad. The things he did & caused was worst than what Symir did. I'm not so sure Symir & Josiah are done just yet. I'm sure we'll be seeing them again. MeKhi is suspect too. I'm not so willing to trust his good gestures & swiftness. I suspect that there is more that meets the eye with that one ...but we shall see. I'm confused to know where Teiona is. What happened to her & how will she affect the future? I'm praying that Jadiel stays loyal and true. I really like him.

Although there were a lot of grammatical errors, I enjoyed this story and can't wait for the release of book 2 to see how everything plays out. It was a really good read and I recommend that you take a chance & give this book a read. Good job Ke’Asia!

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We Were Never Meant To Be, We Just Happened 2: An Unexpected Love Story (Book 2)

Coming Soon!

Author Ke’Asia Morris

As a child growing up in Lakeland, Florida, Ke’Asia always loved to read. It was something about getting lost in a story that was exciting for her. As she got older and grew through life, Morris’ love for writing turned into a hobby that eventually led to a successful career.

In January 2015 Ke’Asia was signed and has since published 13 books including her bestselling books: When It’s Real, It’s Forever and I May Be Young But I’m Ready series and 2 standalones: I’m Down For You So Ride For Me and We Were Never Meant To Be, We Just Happened.

Currently, Morris is signed to Talehia Presents where she plans to continue to create and hopefully inspire more young writers to pursue their dreams.

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