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#BookReview Love, Betrayal & Dirty Money 2: A Hood #Romance Anthology

Love, Betrayal & Dirty Money 2: A Hood Romance Anthology
Author(s) Tysha Jordyn, Quiana Nicole, Ari, Fatima Monroe & Regina Swanson
Series Book 2 of 2
Genre(s) Urban Fiction; Women’s Fiction; Romance
Publication Date March 14, 2017
Publisher Royalty Publishing House
Print Length 218 pages

 Book Blurb

Part 1 of this anthology taught Tia that love don’t always love you back, and threatened with losing her son and her freedom, Tia is regretting the day she trusted a hood love that was never real.

Peaches is far from mother of the year, but when her daughter’s life is at stake, she stirs an old flame that also raises old demons. Will her helping hand create even bigger problems for all involved?
Ray is now in the clear with no baby mama or side chick drama, and when he runs up on a two-for one-deal, thinking with the wrong head just might cost him his life.
Rhianne takes vengeance to a whole new level when she lures her enemy into a dangerous game that’s payable in blood with just one way out: death.
Kimmie has broken a lot of hearts, but after a brush with death, she’s got a whole new outlook and is in a race to cheat death one last time.
As always, the Mercers are locked in a war, and after a shocking ambush, they’re left wondering who’s working with the other side.

Buckle up and take this final ride as these characters finally learn that money will always fuel the betrayal that is determined, by any means necessary, to extinguish all hopes of love—ain’t no happily ever after!

My Review

Love Betrayal & Dirty Money 2 was a rollercoaster ride of suspense, action & great drama. This finale kept me intrigued til the very last page. I truly did not want this story to end. Some of the characters I felt for, but for some, I hated with a passion. El Loco was my least favorite person. Him & his daughter Kimmie, got on my nerves. Rhianne appeared to be the most innocent character in this whole book. Rodney & Ray were both just sick, despicable bastards that deserved everything they received. All in all, this was a great read. I'd love to see a Book 3 or a Spin-Off in the making (hint, hint).

The betrayal exposed within this story between all the characters & how they were connected or crossed paths, was well written & flowed nicely. All the lies, secrets & disloyalty that took place showed just how much those actions can tear down families & destroy people's lives. It's sad how the drug game, love, greed & the need for money, power & respect can turn people into complete monsters & people's world upside down.

Great job Tysha, Ari, Quiana, Fatima & Regina! I loved this Anthology!

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Love Betrayal & Dirty Money: A Hood Romance (Book 1)

Raymond Simmons, is a cheating, no-good thug who couldn't be faithful to his longtime girlfriend, Tia, if his life depended on it. Just when Ray swears off all outside chicks, he meets a sexy bombshell named Nisha, and his born-again monogamy goes out the window. When he realizes he's gotten in too deep with Nisha, he tries to clean up his messy life before he loses Tia for good. Unfortunately, it's a little too late, and when Tia goes searching for answers of her own, the streets of Houston will overflow with a bloody vengeance.

When Nisha's honeymoon dreams fizzle and she sees Ray's true colors, she treks her way toward a fresh start in LA, where she meets a smooth talking pimp-in-disguise named Mack. Her lustful desire quickly works against her as she finds herself caught in between Mack and Major, two sworn enemies.

Major has big plans for a brutal revenge after the death of his sister, but what will happen once Mack unleashes his own plans of retribution? Lucci, a native New Yorker, is happy to answer the call of duty when Mack calls in a favor. Little does he know, his loyalty to Mack will face the ultimate test when El Loco, one of the biggest bosses of the East and South coast, gives him an ultimatum.

Kimmie, the exotically beautiful daughter of El Loco, has her own plans for testing the bonds of Lucci and Mack's friendship as she draws them into her dangerous triangle of lust. Blinded by her own desire, Kimmie commits the ultimate betrayal against her father, leaving her no other option to flee NY for the southern allure of Atlanta. Always a slave to desire, Kimmie quickly slips into a deadly affair with DeJuan, a smooth-talking, Bentley-driving pimp and hustler- turned pastor. Just as DeJuan gets knee-deep in her "heavenly essence," his wife, Sasha makes a move to secure her spot as the last woman standing.

When El Loco receives word of the transgressions against his daughter, he unleashes an angel of death on all involved- and anyone else that gets in his way. Just as his vengeance is in full swing, he comes face-to-face with a forgotten seed planted long ago, and has to decide which piece of him is most worth saving. Will El Loco's reign come to an end when he turns his attention to collecting on a blood debt?

Royalty Publishing House presents its first anthology featuring six authors with smoking pens, who are all gifted with the literary genius of telling an amazing story. Love, Betrayal, & Dirty Money is a collection of drama-filled, urban short stories that are connected in such an explosive way that you won't see the twists and turns coming.

Available for purchase on Amazon Kindle free on Kindle Unlimited and Paperback.

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I received this ARC from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

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