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#NewRelease How To Love A Broken Man by @lovejones007 #Christian #Fiction #Romance

Book Title How To Love A Broken Man

Author MyKisha Mac

Genre(s) African American Christian Fiction Romance

Release Date March 3, 2017

Publisher A New Chapter Publications


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Book Blurb

Fredrick Douglas said it best, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Sebastian Smith, young, smart and successful cannot catch a break in his career nor personal life. In the eyes of Sebastian's prestigious colleagues, without the business suit, he was just another young black man who was eager to find trouble. No matter how Sebastian proved himself worthy of respect, or the obstacles he may have overcome, life had him by the neck and he always found himself at odds with the law.

Is it true what they say, “once a thug, always a thug?” Will Sebastian fight for his much due respect, or succumb to the pressures of life and the erratic statistic by society that all young black men are hoodlums and street thugs? Looks can damn sure be deceiving; OR NOT.

With unforeseen troubles constantly infusing, Sebastian struggled to repair his broken heart and believed love was thing of the past. Will Sebastian be broken beyond restoration, or will he ever allow himself to love again?

Satin Alexander was a daddy's girl from the time she made her entrance into the world. She could do no wrong through her father's eyes, until one forbidden day when she decided to step out of her goody two shoes and do the unthinkable. Satin brought shame on herself and her wholesome family's good name. The same eyes that once adored her, became the eyes that cut her off like a knife and despised her.

Will Satin repair her relationship with her father, or will she crumble without her father's protection in a world that could destroy her because of the radical choices she made.

Satin crossed paths with the ambitious white collar heartthrob, Sebastian. When two broken people unite it's a sure recipe for disaster and the fastest road to destruction. Can two broken people from different walks of life find solace in each other and begin to heal? Can true love be found where it’s least expected?

Find out in How To Love A Broken Man.

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Author MyKisha Mac

New Orleans native, MyKisha Mac, best-selling author of her infamous three-book series has quite a few stories to share with the world!

From Hate That I Love You, an erotic tale that is sure to strike a chord’ in readers’ hearts to The Love of a Good Man, a romantic inspirational anecdote, and My Best Friend’s Brother: The Ultimate Betrayal.

MyKisha’s other best-selling series includes, Sky & Sincere: His Rider, Her Roller, Chase & Kassidy: All Eyes On Us, and Introducing Star IV, a thought provoking sci-fi saga. All books are by far the most intriguing stories ever written and sure to leave you wanting more!

Get ready for her latest to hit the shelves, How To Love A Broken Man!

MyKisha considers herself as a true visionary. As a young child, she envisioned herself as a writer, and with hard work and dedication, she has made due of her dream and become one.

MyKisha is a writer at heart, lover of words and believes she lives in a world where imagination meets reality. Sharing stories with the world gives her the greatest pleasure. MyKisha only hopes her devoted readers continue to take this wonderful journey with her. 

All readers and book club members, please feel free to contact MyKisha on social media or via email for your reading pleasures.

MyKisha has also created a place where her readers can join her for group discussions on literature, arts & crafts and hot topics. Please feel free to join her reading group, A NEW CHAPTER: MyKisha Mac's Reading Group. 

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