Tuesday, March 7, 2017

#BookSpotlight Love, The Hustle And The Unknown by Cherice Harris #Romance #UrbanFiction

Book Title Love, The Hustle And The Unknown

Author Cherice Harris

Genre(s) African American Romance; Urban Fiction

Publication Date February 24, 2017

Publisher Ms. Sullivan Presents

Print Length 312 pages


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Book Blurb

Myia is a single mom raising her son to the best of her ability. With her son’s father in and out of jail, she has to hold it down on her own so her son doesn’t want for nothing. When she meets Bilal Evans, she believes that they can build something special and for a while everything seems to be going great until he begins to fall back from her and her son, Tahir.

Bilal and Justice have been friends since the sandbox and would do anything for each other. Surprisingly, things between the two of them change once they decide to get into the drug business together. Justice and Tahir gain a connection when Justice realizes Tahir is lacking a father figure in his life. When Bilal starts to act like a selfish person, things began to take a turn for the worse. When tragedy strikes, will Myia be able to hold it together or will she snap? Will Justice and Bilal maintain their work relationship and brotherhood or will things come crashing down, causing everyone to lose everything? Find out in Love, The Hustle, & The Unknown.

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Author Cherice Harris

Cherice Harris is a 29 year old author, originally from Newark, New Jersey. She now resides is Virginia, where she moved to a few years ago. Since she was a child, she has been writing short stories and has always had a wild imagination. It wasn't until March of 2015 that she crossed paths with Jan’a Sullivan, who gave her the chance she never thought she would have gotten.

Under Jan’a, Cherice has written 12 books, which are as follows: In Love With A Street King 1-3, Edrise & Ebony 1-2, Sincerely Yours, Milani 1-2, An anthology; Bleeding Soul, two colabs with Jan’a; The Difference Between You And Bae and All I Ever Wanted Was Trap King. Two Standalones; The Crazy Things You Do For Love and Love, The Hustle & The Unknown.

Harris is currently working on a new series. She wanted to try something different than the drug dealing dude meeting a good girl story line. She's excited for you all to see what she’s cooking up and hopes that she doesn't disappoint, so be on the lookout! Her favorite things to do when she's not writing is spending time with family, reading, or just out having fun.

Facebook Group Cherice Harris & Readers | Instagram @author_chericeharris

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