Thursday, March 9, 2017

#BookSpotlight Game of Redemption by Carlos Torres #Mystery #Suspense

Book Title Game of Redemption

Author Carlos Torres

Genre Mystery; Suspense

Publication Date February 1, 2017

Publisher Self Published

Print Length 135 Pages


Book Blurb

When big time gambler Eddie Diaz is found dead in his home, Charlene Clark and Daniel Smith are two homicide detectives that are called out to the scene to investigate the murder. But just when they think they have an open and shut case, both detectives believe that the three roommates with whom Eddie is living with may know more than they're letting on. However, the case takes an unexpected turn when the detective team begins looking into Eddie's past. That's when all the lies, secrets and motives get revealed but more dead bodies begin to fall. So now there's a race against time to find and take Eddie's killer off the Vegas streets for good to stop the bloodshed. The only question remains is, can they?

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Author Carlos Torres

Carlos Torres is a Hispanic author, who has been a writer for the past four years. He started off as a screenplay writer, writing short films for two independent film companies but, wanted to transition himself into wanting to become a book author. So he began reading numerous fiction novels which inspired him to see if he have what it takes to write a book. He has done just that by penning his very first novel entitled Game Of Redemption, which he also turned into a movie as well.
Carlos was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico but moved to Chicago and attended Malcolm X College and got a degree in taking Literature classes to improve on his writing. He could have become a school teacher but decided he wants to be a full time writer instead. Carlos, decided to become a fiction writer as a way of painting pictures with words showing, the creativity of an inspired mind.

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