Monday, November 14, 2016

#NewRelease Shorty Got That Dope Hood Love 2 by Nikqua #WomensFiction #UrbanFiction

Title Shorty Got That Dope Hood Love 2
Author Nikqua
Genre Women’s Fiction, Urban Fiction
Release Date November 14, 2016
Publisher Talehia Presents

Book Blurb

What's dead should stay dead. That's what Kaine and Brianna thought.

Brianna Sanders thought she could finally be happy, yet it feels as though she's going through the same thing she went through before. Balancing a relationship, school and the need to reconnect with her family. Brianna is feeling more stressed than usual. DeMarcus "Kaine" Lawson couldn't take anymore L's. He refused too. After his homie got locked up, Kaine knew it was in his best interests to lay low for a while. After the betrayal of his father, Kaine is forced to face reality when things take a turn for the worse.

With enemies Kaine didn't know he had, Kaine looks for the one person that can save him. They say you can never run from your past, because it has a way of always showing up when you least expect it. The couple are faced with a lot more drama but can they handle it or will Kaine and Brianna be forced to give up?

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Shanikqua T. Hunter has enjoyed writing since the age of thirteen years old. She has been reading even longer. She loves to spend her time with her family, and most importantly her two years old daughter. She has written 5 books total with four out already. Shanikqua enjoys being a writer and love her wild imagination.

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