Friday, October 14, 2016

#NewRelease I Got My Flowers Today #DomesticViolence #FlashFiction by Lovey @indielovepromo

Title I Got My Flowers Today

Author Lovey

Genre Flash Fiction, Family Relationships, Dysfunctional Families, Partner Abuse

Publication Date October 12, 2016

Page Count 19 Pages

Publisher PenPoint Publications


Keith loved Taren; the way he knew how. After years of marriage, children and fights; Keith loved Taren to death. Abusers mindsets are often overlooked because of their fault. There is no excuse for domestic violence! Still, there are many reasons people hurt. Mainly, because they are hurt. Get to know Keith and get a glance at his love.

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*All proceeds will be donated to Hearts Full Of Grace.*

This story is dedicated to everyone that has been affected by Domestic Violence. No one wins in these situations. If you are abused or an abuser please contact 1-800-799-7233 for help!

About The Author

Lovey is an author that is taking the Independent Book Industry by storm. She started in 2011 with her first Self Help book entitled "Luv Ur Life-6 Steps To Luv Ur Life" and hasn't stopped since. She has done several collaborations with Dominique Wilkins that retell Bible stories and The Ten Commandments. She also has titles that deal with Domestic Violence and Church Hurts.

In 2014 she stepped outside of her box under the pen name Indie Love to bring you Women's Fiction stories with messages of love, faith and hope. Her first was "Marquise: Carlita's Conte" which told the story of a young love and the pain that comes with it. Her next release was "Know When To Walk Away: A 7 Cities Love Story" that captured the heart of many and told the story of family, love, lust and death.

Her most recent release is "I Got My Flowers Today" which is a Flash Fiction Story that tells the story of Domestic Violence through the eyes of an abuser.

Lovey is always looking to meet and greet new readers. She is also a Brand Manager for Indie Artists and hopes to meet you soon!!

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