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#DebutAuthorSpotlight Ka'Shaun Michelle @KaShaun

Ka’Shaun Michelle

Author Bio

Ka’Shaun Michelle is a twenty-two year old, new face to the literary field with a strong passion and strive for telling compelling stories. She’s been writing for six years. She started writing poetry then developed into a passion of story writing.

Ka’Shaun resides in Chicago where she is currently in school for radio broadcasting and African American Studies. When she is not studying, she’s working on the sequel to her debut novel.

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Author Interview

1. Can you please tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Ka’Shaun Michelle. I’m a twenty-two year old self published author. I released my first book in July 2016. I love writing and music. I am also a full time college student at Western Illinois University getting my bachelor's degree in Radio Broadcasting with a minor in African American Studies. I am in my last year of school while working on the sequel to my debut novel which is titled Poisonous: Kiya’s Redemption.

2. List the main genre & sub genres this book is classified as.

Drama, Urban Fiction, LGBT Fiction and LGBT Drama.

3. What is your book about?

My debut novel is about a girl named Kiya who has dark past and thought it was best to run away from her problems instead of dealing with them, but the problems don’t stay buried for long.

4. What message, lesson, or moral are you trying to deliver to readers in this book?

The messages from my book are that First, don’t run away from your past or your problems because they can always find you and second, you can overcome anything and still be happy.

5. Is this book a reflection of a personal experience?

Some of my characters are based off people from my life, experiences and my feelings but it is mostly fiction.

6. Where can this book be purchased?

The book is on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Createspace and it is coming soon to Sam’s Club.

7. What inspired you to become a writer?

Writing is something I always did as an escape. I have always been somewhat of a creative person so I used my creative writing skills to help me deal with whatever I was dealing with. I honestly didn’t think I could be a writer until I met Ms. Tabitha Sharpe and Dominique L. Watson. Without them, I wouldn’t have even considered becoming a writer.

8. What genre(s) do you write and why?

I write mostly Urban Fiction because it is the easiest genre for me to pull from based off where I live and the things I see almost every day.

9. I'm sure you're a reader as well, who are some of your favorite authors and what's on your ‘To Be Read’ List?

Simone Elkeles and Stephanie Perry-Moore are two of my favorite authors I could read their books as many times as I want and never get tired of them. My ‘To Be Read’ List are filled with Stephanie Perry-Moore’s other series Perry Skky Jr.

10. Are you a full-time or part-time writer and how long has it been since you published your first book?

I am a part time writer right now because I’m in school full time, so I have to divide my time. It has only been a few months since my first book was released.

11. Who is your targeted audience and what message are you trying to relay in your writing?

Definitely Young adults because I am a young adult myself and I feel like when I write I can put myself into the story and I can connect with my readers more.

12. With thousands of books being released each day and new authors steady emerging, how are you going to stand out? Why should readers give your book(s) a try versus others in the same genre?

I stand out because I write LGBT Urban Fiction which is something that is not seen a lot in mainstream and I am a self-published author. I did everything on my own: the writing, editing, and cover design was all done by me. People should give me a try because I am doing things on my own at 22 and I’m doing a different genre.

13. What's next for you in your literary career?

I am working on book two for my Poisonous Series; Poisonous: Looking For Revenge. That is going to be released in March of 2017. I am also trying to work in a book signing as well as a re-release of my debut novel Kiya’s Redemption in January of 2017.

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Fav 15

Favorite Authors Simone Elkeles, Dominque L. Watson, Tabitha Sharpe and Stephanie Perry-Moore
Coffee or Tea Both
Favorite Movie/TV Show Bring It, The Rap Game or anything Disney animated
Favorite Season Summer
Favorite Book The Perfect Chemisty Series
Favorite Food Fried Chicken
Favorite Song Drip From My Walk - Famous Dex
Favorite Actor/Actress Taraji P. Henson
Favorite Quote Without struggle, there is no progress.
Favorite Sport/Hobby Singing and Writing
Day/Night Night
Favorite Holiday Christmas
Favorite Restaurant Chipotle
Favorite Vacation Spot I would love to go to Vegas

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Ka’Shaun’s Books

Poisonous: Kiya's Redemption
Author Ka’Shaun Michelle
Genre Fiction, AA Urban Fiction, LGBT Fiction, Drama
Publisher PurpleStar Publishing
Publication Date July 4, 2016
Print Length 94 pages
Amazon Kindle Price $4.99 | Amazon Paperback Price $5.99 | Barnes & Nobel Paperback Price $5.99

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Meet eighteen year old Kiya Carter. A young, shy young lady with a dark past. From the outside looking in you see a thriving ambitious girl, raised in a stable two parent home, but at age 16 the stability is shaken. Instead of dealing with the issues head on Kiya finds a way to rebel. The sweet hazel eyed beauty meets her first dose of danger in the form of Alicia Clay also known as Ace.. For a year straight the two were Bonnie and Bonnie. Then one night, everything crashes and burns. Kiya walks away from that poisonous lifestyle and she vows never to return to it again.

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Coming Soon

Poisonous: Looking For Revenge
Author Ka’Shaun Michelle
Genre Fiction, AA Urban Fiction, LGBT Fiction, Drama
Publisher PurpleStar Publishing


Ashlee and Bree are back! The two scorned lovers on a quest for vengeance. Breelle “Bree” Jones the Chicago wild child, who is deeply scarred by her checkered past and heartbreak has cleaned herself up and is coming back stronger than ever. Bree is back in school and ready to take Kiya down by any means. She has one objective in mind and it doesn’t matter who or what is in her way; She will reach her goal. It doesn’t matter who she has to take down.

Ashlee Davis the smooth talking New Yorker with a bad temper who has to have everything her way. Ashlee wants revenge on Lex for stealing Kiya from her.  The two ex-lovers have put their past behind them to get what they want. Bree has asked Ashlee for help, but the question is:  Can Bree be trusted? Can they do it or will something else emerge between the two?  Will they get their revenge or something more? Just remember when dealing with someone like Bree things aren’t always what they seem.

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Poisonous: Looking For Revenge

“Are you sure this is going to work Bree?” I asked.

“Ashlee trust me. They won’t suspect a thing.” Bree said.

Sitting across from Bree in this IHOP booth I can say one thing: I honestly don’t trust this girl. I mean over the course of these past two months she has shown a different side, but still with Bree you can never be too sure. Even though she has been clean for some time she is still the same sultry, vindictive woman she was last year. The only difference now is there aren't any drugs involved, or at least I hope that's true. As I take in her appearance not much has changed, but you can tell she’s clean. She still has that smooth caramel skin and the weight gain is noticeable; her thighs are much thicker; her curves are much more defined. I have to say she looks good. Those bright brown eyes have that same glimmer in them as they did when I first met her, but enough of that; back to more important matters. I know you're probably wondering: Why on Earth would you agree to meet with Bree? The girl that you invested two years in and she turns out to be a slut bucket? Well, a lot has happened over the summer and I ended up needing Bree’s help; well we need each other’s help. We both want something and we need each other to get it. So we decided to put the past behind us and work together.

“Bree I hope your right and if you double cross me… You will regret it. Understand?”

“Ashlee chill out. This plan is fool proof and what reason would I have to cross you? We were together for two years I know how you operate.”

I just nod and take a sip of water from my cup. I’m going to trust her for now. I mean after all we both are looking for revenge and we will do anything to get it…

I hope this plan works….

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Thank you Ka’Shaun for stopping by and chatting with us today. I look forward to reading your book and have added it to my ‘To Be Read’ Goodreads shelf. I wish you much success it your career.

If you all haven’t picked up her book yet, go on and do so. Make sure you leave a review and share with everyone. Until next time …have an amazing day! - Vaneka

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