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Swirling Around Love #Multicultural #Romance Event: Author Genesis Woods @thebeginning616

It’s Day 9 of the Swirling Around Love Multicultural, IR & BWWM blog Event. Thank you all for joining us. We have Genesis Woods with us today. Let’s welcome her.

Genesis Woods

Since Genesis Woods was a young girl growing up in Long Beach, California, she has always had a vivid imagination. From Happily-Ever-After romances to gut wrenching horror scenes, the storylines and characters dialogue have always been constant thoughts running through her mind. It wasn’t until her second year of college that Genesis finally decided to take a leap of faith and write the first short story she ever wrote entitled “Loving Me for Me.” Although the novella was never intended for a viewing audience, the A she received for her class project as well as the great feedback she received from her English Professor and classmates started a love for writing that Genesis has now been working on for years.

In December of 2014, Genesis dream of becoming a writer finally became true when she self-published her FIVE STAR debut novel “All or Nothing: Truly Loving Destiny” on Amazon. Since then, she has written seven more books, which have all made Genesis Woods a growing household name.

Genesis currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her two daughters and is working on a few new books that will be put out sometime this year. She loves to interact with readers and can be reached on the following social media forums below.

Author Interview

1. What inspired you to become a Multicultural, IR or BWWM Romance writer?

Honestly, my curiosity to date outside of my race is what inspired me to become a BWWM/IR writer. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to date a White, Asian, or even Hispanic man. Since I was too scared to do it in real life, I decided to use my imagination and write about it.

2. Besides writing, what are some of your favorite things?

Besides writing, I enjoy spending time with my two daughters, cooking, singing, playing video games, and watching TV.

3. Name at least two (2) authors that you admire who write Multicultural, IR or BWWM Romance?

Wow...This is a pretty hard question to answer seeing as I have way more than two authors who write BWWM/IR that I admire. But if I had to choose, Candace Mumford would be one. Her book ParkCrest View was the first BWWM book I read and I've been hooked ever since. The second author I admire is Pepper Pace. Her books, Beast and Wheels of Steel were phenomenal reads. Not only because they were BWWM, but they aren't the ordinary BWWM’s. In WOS the main character has cerebral palsy and in BEAST, the main character has a severe facial deformity...Not your typical “hot white man” but you fall in love with them still.

4. What types or genre of books do you enjoy reading? What are you currently reading?

I enjoy reading all types of genre. Urban, Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal, BWWM, African American Romance...You name it, I read it. Currently I just finished reading Hope For Her by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle and just started re-reading the Love Unaccounted Series by Love Belvin.

5. Do you have any scheduled upcoming events; such as book signings, interviews, etc.?

I do have a book signing scheduled in early December.

6. Where do you expect to be in your career as an author five (5) years from now?

Five years from now, I expect to be a household name like Stephen King, Veronica Roth, or E L James. I also expect to be a best seller with a book catalog that is extensive and will hopefully catch the eye of someone who wants to make one of my books a movie.

7. What advice can you give to new authors who’s interested in writing in this genre?

The only advice I would give a new author who is interested in writing this genre would be to do your research and to just WRITE. Your story may change someone’s life, so don't let anyone stop you from sharing your craft.

Special message from Genesis to you …

Not one for many words...I just wanted to say HELLO to any and everyone who is reading this Author Spotlight… I hope you take a chance on your girl and read at least one of my books, if not all and give me some honest feedback...Writing a book isn’t easy by far and I do understand that my work may NOT be everyone’s cup of tea...But for those who like to take sips of my shit, THANK YOU for rocking with your girl and I look forward to keeping in touch with you as well as putting out more great work!!!!

Book Catalog

All or Nothing: Truly Loving Destiny

In today's society, there are more than a hundred ways that a person can define their definition of TRUE LOVE.

But for Destiny Anari Warren, there's only one.

“When you truly love someone, you’re willing to lie, die, steal, and kill for this person at a moments notice. Its either all or nothing!”

This was the definition of true love that Destiny was taught by her mother at an early age and wholeheartedly lived by.

When ex lovers, secrets, lies, jealousy and new love come into play, how far are you willing to go to show that you love someone?

Follow Destiny as she proves that when she truly loves someone, she's ALL in.

Available for purchase here.

What Bae Won't Do: The Next Man Will Series

What Bae Won't Do: The Next Man Will (Book 1)

What happens when the boy next door, doesn’t want to be your homeboy anymore? That's the exact question twenty-five year old, JaNair Livingston, had to ask herself when the sexy and charming, Semaj Jones, wanted to become more than just her neighbor. Any woman in their right mind would be attracted to the tall, dark, talented and sexy Mr. Jones. So what was JaNair’s problem?

Jerome Hayes, JaNair’s newest love and current boyfriend, has been sweeping her off of her feet since the day they met. Already feeling that JaNair is the one for him, Jerome plans to do any and everything to keep her in his life; even if it means keeping secrets and lying to the woman he loves.

When shit starts to hit the fan, truths are exposed and lies are revealed. Will the shoulder Semaj lends for tears turn into the shoulder JaNair bites into when he shows her pleasures she’s never known? Find out what the next man is willing to do, when bae won't.

Available for purchase here.

What Bae Won’t Do: The Next Man Will (Book 2)

Picking up right where part one left off, JaNair still tries to maintain a relationship with Jerome while her feelings for Semaj seem to keep growing stronger. When a couple of Jerome's many secrets come to light, will Semaj’s shoulder still be available for her to cry on?

JaNair's trifling and crazy cousin Mya is still up to her old tricks and making Jerome hers is still her #1 goal. Will she finally succeed in getting the man who doesn't want her or will all that lying, backstabbing and blackmailing pay off?

Twins LaNiece and ShaNiece have always been close, but with a new love on the horizon and your ex possibly being your sisters baby daddy, will ShaNiece lose her mind, or will the new man in her life make her forget about all of her troubles?

Join some of the characters you love, and some of the ones you hate in this second installment of What Bae Won’t Do: The Next Man Will.

Available for purchase here.

What Bae Won’t Do: The Next Man Will (Book 3)

In the finale of What Bae Won't Do: The Next Man Will, all of your questions will be answered. Who fathered LaLa's baby? Will JaNair finally give in to Semaj or will she give Jerome another chance? Will Niecey and Toby's budding romance survive or will the off again on again relationship between Big Will and Niecey come back into play? What will Jerome do once he finally realizes that all of his lying and cheating possibly cost him the love of his life? Will Mya finally get her man or will her trifling ways finally catch up to her? Find out those answers to all of those questions and more, when we finally get to see what the next man is going to do when bae wont.

Available for purchase here.

Black Love White Lies Series

Black Love White Lies (Book 1)

*Readers please be aware that this is Book 1 to a 3 part series, so there is a cliffhanger!!!  As stated above.  Thank you for your purchase and I hope you enjoy this read.*

Audrielle Freeman hasn't really been dealt a fair hand when it comes to love. With an ex who she assumes left her for the next, a mother who is always on her about her weight, and a current boyfriend whom she finds in an awkward position on their anniversary, she's still optimistic that true love will happen for her one day. After having her heart broken for the last time, she decides to take a small break from men and just focus on her thriving shoe store she owns with her sister Ariana.

Cairo Broussard wasn't looking for love, but at the same time, was open for it to happen if it came. He never thought in a million years that he'd practically fall in love at first sight after walking into the custom shoe store one of his players told him about. When his ex-girlfriend Alexandra Tate offers him a proposition to manipulate his inheritance, will he marry her for the money or will he follow his heart and be the man that Audrielle needs him to be?

Watch what happens and unfolds when your back is up against the wall and people from your past pop up to either make your life better or ruin it all together. Black love is a very strong and powerful thing, but with white lies in the mix, who knows what will happen?

Available for purchase here.

Black Love White Lies (Book 2)

Audrielle never imagined the next time she came face to face with Cairo, he'd have some news that would literally tear her heart into a million pieces. With nothing else to do but move on, will letting go of Cairo be an easy task for Audri, or will an old flame be there to help her get over it?

Cairo can't wait for the unholy matrimony agreement he and Alex have to be over. The look on Audris face when she found out that he married his super model looking ex, was enough to break the strongest man down. All Cairo wants to do is collect his money, get a divorce, and finally be with the plus size beauty who stole his heart. When lies are still being told, truths are still being hidden, and devious schemes are brought into fruition, can the love Cairo and Audrielle have for each other get past it all, or is it to late to try and save something that might not want to be saved?

Available for purchase here.

Black Love White Lies (Book 3)

Audrielle and Cairo are back for one last ride. With Alex still hell bent on getting what she believes is rightfully hers, will she finally succeed at killing two birds with one stone by keeping Audri away from Cai and getting her hands on that inheritance money or will love prevail for your favorite couple and leave them with a happy ending? Find out what happens when black love is not that easy to destroy and white lies are finally revealed.

Available for purchase here.

The DuPont Sisters Mini Monthly Series

The DuPont Sisters (Episode 1 & 2)

Sisters Marceline, Marianne, Martine, and Manette DuPont don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but still manage to make their sisterly relationship sometimes work, even when outside forces aren’t in the picture.

One of the reasons Marceline left Louisiana at 18 was to get away from her nagging sisters and to live life on her own. Well, 14 years later and with a medical degree under her belt, Dr. Elizabeth DuPont as she is known to her colleagues and patients in the plastic surgery world is back home in New Orleans and ready to get the life she's always wanted. Only problem is, she doesn’t have the husband or children to go with her picket fence and new home in the Garden District.

Marianne DuPont has a thriving dental practice, the body of a goddess thanks to her big sister, the looks of a supermodel and can turn the head of any multi-millionaire man from a mile away. One would think with all of those good qualities that she’d be swimming in money and on top of the world with the Forbes list who's who. Money can take care of a lot of things, but is real love one of them?

Martine DuPont, also known as Nurse Marty to her patients and coworkers at New Orleans East Hospital believes that one day she will find her prince charming in a bayou full of frogs. Content with believing that a jolt of electricity sparking from a simple handshake is how she will find the man for her, Marty continues to shake the hand of each and every eligible bachelor that she comes in contact with. Will she ever find the one?

Manette DuPont can’t seem to catch a break for nothing. Not only is she the youngest of the DuPont girls, but she can never win for losing when it comes to her older sisters opinions on the man she’s seeing or what choices she’s made so far in her life. If she decided to finally leave her no good baby’s father, what makes them think that a new man will be any better?

In the first episode of this mini book series, get to know The DuPont sisters and the type of relationship they share with each other, as well as the type of relationship they hope to have with their future men.

Available for purchase here.

The Black Widow Clique

Best friends and blood sisters for life Melonee Reid and Fiona White have one goal in life; to get rich and live comfortably.  But growing up in the inner city of Los Angeles, CA wasnt helping in obtaining that goal.  That is, until Fiona comes up with the plan to marry for money and murder for even more.

The girls seek out older, established, and wealthy bachelors, drawing them into their web of deception with their good looks, sexy bodies, and loving personalities.  Once their last names are changed and the ink is dry on the insurance policies, the clique executes their plans to have the new husband die an accidental death, leaving their fortune and or insurance money to the widowed wife.

Their little marry for money scam works for years until things take a drastic turn.

What happens when one friends connection to the new mark has her questioning her roll in The Black Widow Clique while the other friend wants to carry out the murderous plan to get ahold of the multi million dollar insurance policy?

Friendships will be tested, lies will be told, and loyalty will come into play when one black widow decides that their cozy web of deception, love, and money isn’t big enough for two anymore.

Available for purchase here.

Book Excerpt ~ The DuPont Sisters

“Wow Marianne...That was...That was just incredible.  You really worked that one out of me.”  Brad commented as I slowly rose up from his lap and got up from the plush king size bed we were laying in.  I grabbed my silk robe from off of the chair and tied it around my body.  Walking over to the floor length window, I looked down at the busy New York traffic.

For the last two days, Brad and I have been held up in our suite at the Langham Place Hotel on Fifth Avenue.  After a day of meetings, shopping, some wining and a little dining, we were finally able to break away from our professional lives and enjoy each other on a more physical level.

“You say that as if I don’t work you out every time we meet up.”  I said with my back to him, still looking out at New York's nightlife.

“I'm not saying as if nothing.  You treat me right every time we get together.  That's why I don’t have a problem spoiling you with the finer things in life and what's that term again…”  he asked snapping his fingers.  “Oh yeah, dropping a few bands on you.”  Brad laughed.  “Isn’t that what those hip hop rappers say now and days.”

I shrugged my shoulders and continued to look at the view.  I hated when he tried use some sort of urban slang with me.  Yeah I was black, and yeah I grew up in a predominantly black environment being from the south and all, but that didn’t mean I was up on all of the urban slang or Ebonics my people tend to overuse.  That was the one thing I hated about Brad.  We’ve been messing around for six months, and I don’t think he knew a thing about me.  Honestly, I don’t even think he cared, but that didn’t stop me from opening up my legs to him every time he called or paid for my first class plane ticket to come see him.

I felt his cold hand snake around my waist as he pulled me into his chest and kissed me on my neck.  I allowed my head to fall back on his shoulder, giving him more access to the part of my body he was focused on.

“You know,” He said as his hand traveled down the front of my body.  “I don't think I will ever get tired of fucking this tight little black cunt.”  A small moan escaped my lips as his long tanned fingers played with my slick lips, then dipped into my honey pot.  I could tell by the way his fingers easily slid inside of me that I was wet as hell.

“Do you want to go for another round before we head downstairs to get something to eat?”  I asked turning in his arms and placing a sweet peck on his thin lips.

I rose my hands to the sides of Brad's head, and combed my fingers through his dark ginger, auburn colored hair.  A big contrast to his chartreuse colored eyes.

At 6’4, Brad was one of the tallest men I’ve ever had the pleasure of dating.  Not only was he sexy as hell for a white man, but the boy wasn’t slacking in the dick department either.  Every time we got together he would put my ass to sleep, but before that happened, I would try my best to leave a lasting impression on his ass with my sex.  Being that I was the first black girl he’s ever had a relationship with, I wanted to make sure he knew that we weren't all bad.

If I would be honest with myself though, I think the only reason Brad took an interest in me in the first place was because he thought I was white.  I mean, my skin was real light, but had a little tint from the tanning sessions I would go to every two weeks.  My hair, my hair had some extensions in it, but they blended perfectly with my fine hair.  My lips weren’t as full as my sisters, but I liked not having those big ass soup coolers on my face.  I wore colored contacts because I didn’t want to wear glasses and just like every single strand of hair on my body, the hair on top of my head was dyed a Rose Gold Blonde, instead of those Silver, Beach, or Platinum colors, that would've just been going too far.  If you were standing in front of me right now, I can honestly say that you would probably mistake me for a white girl too, but my full hips, big ass, and heavy D cup breast would easily let you know that I grew up on my black mama’s Cornbread, Red Beans and Rice.

I will admit, I did make a few of these adjustment to myself to be more appealing to the type of men I was attracted to, but who could blame me.  Only rich white men were able to fly you out at a drop of a dime, splurge money on you without a problem, and send you on your way back home in first class or on their private jets.  Only rich white men sent expensive gifts to you just because, and don't let it be your birthday.  I remember one of my old boyfriends surprised me with a trip to Harry Winston and told me to pick out anything my heart desired.  Price was not a factor and I didn’t make it one.  I walked up out of that store with damn near half a million in jewelry and still got treated to a Five Star Michelin restaurant and a day of pampering and wine tasting.  All compliments of him.  I sure did miss Alberts ass, but with all the gifts, money, and time he spent on me, I still couldn’t compete with his wife, especially after she found out about the affair.  Not only did she threaten to take him for everything he had, but she called herself threatening to sue me.  Something I didn’t even know a wife could do until I had one of my lawyer friends look it up.  When she came at me about taking my dental practice, home, and any other assets I owned, I threw in the white flag and left Alberts ass alone.  That didn’t stop him from calling every now and then and checking on me, or sending me less expensive birthday gifts, but it was never the same.

Now here I was.  At a luxury hotel in New York with Brad’s cute ass.  Trying not to fall in love, but it was hard.  Especially with surprise trips like this.  Brad was starting to rank up there on the level with Albert.  Only problem was, his money wasn’t as long as Albert’s.  Brad had what we considered that “new money.”  He was rich from a few lucky investments here and a few risky investments there, but he wasn’t wealthy.  If he didn’t budget his money right, he could be broke in about ten or fifteen years.  Whereas Albert, who comes from “old money,” could spend a thousand dollars every day for the rest of his life and his great, great, great grandchildren could still live off of the money he is currently living on.  Regardless of if the money was old or new, I was still going to mess with a man, just as long as he took care of me.  I mean, I closed down my dental practice for a few days for god sakes.  If I were just messing with an ordinary guy, closing down my practice for a few days would’ve been totally out of the question.  But Brad promised he’d take care of my missed appointments as well as my payroll for the days I’ve spent with him, so I was good.


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