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Never Going Back by Nia @author_msnia #SundayTeaser #2 #Romance #UrbanFiction

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There will be a highlighted book each Sunday, unless otherwise stated. We have some great books lined up for your reading pleasure and we know that you will enjoy them. Let’s welcome author, Nia of Marvelous Leaders Publications!

About The Book
Book Title: Never Going Back
Author: Nia
Genre:  Urban Life Fiction, African American Romance
Publisher:  Marvelous Leaders Publications
Release Date: March 21st 2016
Page Count: 114

When Briana got with Bryan she thought that he was going to be the one that she would spend the rest of her life with. She met him and fell in love quickly without hesitation. Their life together was perfect and a wedding was in their future. Extremely happy and deep in love with Bryan, Briana put her main focus on her life with him. Until secrets about Bryan’s other life was brought out into the open by an unexpected source. Blindsided by betrayal Briana finds out that Bryan isn’t who she thought he was. When Briana confronts Bryan about his lies and deceit, his reaction was not what she expected. Bryan’s dark side surfaced and he became someone that she didn’t know. She is faced with trying to figure out how to leave, but Bryan is not willing to let her go.

The Chapter Excerpt
Never Going Back by Nia

 “How long ago would you say it was that you were at our house Carla?” Briana asked speaking extremely loud on purpose.
“A few months ago.”
“Did you sleep with him here?”
“No but we made out, we couldn’t stay long because he said he had to get his daughters from school.”
Bryan entered the kitchen with a serious look on his face.
“Briana.” He said loudly.
Briana looked at him but kept her ear and mouth to the phone. Making sure Carla could hear everything.  She was leaning up against the sink with her hand on her hip. She was fuming and he could see it. Her nostrils were flared and her eyes looked wild.
“What Bryan?”
“Who are you talking to?” He asked with a serious tone.
“I am talking to Carla.”
“WHAT?” Bryan stepped to Briana and snatched the phone from her hand. He looked at the phone to see what number it was and then put the phone to his ear staring at Briana with fury in his eyes. “HELLO!?”
“Bryan? What is going on!?” Carla spoke back in a very angry tone.
Bryan immediately snapped at Briana.
“What the fuck is your problem Briana!?”
“What the fuck is my problem Bryan! Who the fuck is Carla!?”
“Why the fuck would you go through my phone!?”
Bryan hung up on Carla and dropped the phone on the counter.
“Really!? You had her in our house!?”
“You shouldn’t have been snooping through my shit Briana!”
“Oh My God Really Bryan!?” Briana grabbed her chest and walked towards the bedroom. She was in disbelief and felt her chest tighten as tears began to form in her eyes.
“No Bryan leave me the fuck alone!”
“Briana come here!” Bryan followed behind her. Briana stormed into their bedroom grabbing bags, pulling clothes out of the dresser, and snatching clothes off of hangers.
“No Bryan you’re a fucking liar and you’re a cheater!”
“Where are you going Briana!? Would you just listen and let me explain!”
Briana kept stuffing things into bags. The tears started streaming down her cheeks.
“Just let me explain!”
“Hell No! Fuck You!”
“Bri stop!” He grabbed her arm. Briana snatched away.
“Leave me alone!” She yelled through tears.
“Bri!” He grabbed her arm again.
“No! I’m fucking leaving!”
“Bri fucking listen!” Bryan yelled. He grabbed Briana’s arm with all his strength and slammed her on the bed.
Briana began to swing her arms and scream. “Fuck You! I Hate You!
“Shut the fuck up Briana!”
He mushed her face into the mattress with his hand. Then he placed his hand over her mouth and nose and said. “Shut the fuck up!”
Briana screamed into his hand. She couldn’t breathe. He was suffocating her.
“You’re not going anywhere you hear me!” Bryan said, his eyes wild and crazy looking.
As she struggled to get air, fear set in. She couldn’t believe this was going to be it. Bryan was getting ready to take her life and all because he got caught up in some bullshit. She struggled with him still swinging one of her arms with the other hand gripping the hand he had covering her mouth. Trying with all her might to get him to release her from his grip. Her tears kept flowing as she looked into the eyes of this crazed maniac standing over her. The man that she loves with all of her heart. She started feeling weak and started to give up the fight. Fuck it I guess this is how I am going to die……

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About The Author
Nia is a writer from Minneapolis, MN. She currently resides in Arizona. Nia has loved writing since elementary school. She was introduced to writing by an elementary school teacher who encouraged her to write in a journal. After elementary school she began writing poetry and then turned her poetry into lyrics to songs. Nia spent some time writing lyrics to songs and recording music in a recording studio. She put music on hold to put her creative talents into writing books. She wrote her first novel in 2015 and plans to write many more. Besides writing, Nia is a licensed cosmetologist and spent some time working in a hair salon. She enjoys reading novels, listening to music, and traveling in her spare time.

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