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#BloggingTheBlogger Shaterica Washington @BookBeautyChron #BlogSeries #1

Blogging The Blogger (BTB) is a special feature dedicated to those awesome Book Bloggers. As a book blogger myself, I know how busy our life can be plus the little recognition that we may get. I think it's about time we change that. We sacrifice a lot to bring you awesome content all while managing our busy lives. Therefore, I've decided to begin this blog series for my fellow bloggers. Each Tuesday I will introduce you to a ‘blogger behind the blog.’

I am honored to introduce to you, Shaterica Washington, “the blogger behind the blog,” Book Beauty Chronicles.

The Blogger

VIP Hello Shaterica, thanks for sharing your story with us. How are you today?

Blogger I’m doing great. Thanks for asking! How are you?

VIP That’s good, I’m doing great as well. How did you come up with the name for your blog “Book Beauty Chronicles“?

Blogger Coming up with the name of my blog was pretty hard because the first few names were taken. I wanted something that represented me as a person as well as the purpose of my blog. Of course the word "Book" is a key component in the title because my blog is mainly about "Books"; I like the word "Beauty" because it is a representation of various things; the beauty within me and the beauty I find in reading some of the most amazing stories written by people that look like me.  I decided to utilize the word "Chronicles" to keep a record of the books I read and the reviews.

VIP Amazing! I love the name of your blog & that’s such a creative & unique way of naming it. I’m actually considering renaming my blog as well …I want to give it a unique & personal name. When did you create your blog & why did you decide to create such a blog?

Blogger I originally created my blog November 2015 but I didn't launch it until April 1, 2016.

I read a lot, at least 10-15 books a month, and I enjoy telling people about the books I read and recommending new books or series to my fellow readers so I decided to write them down and post my reviews
about them. My blog specifically expose and promote literature written by African American authors mainly because there is not enough mainstream media exposure for African American authors like there is for authors of other races like James Patterson, J K Rowling, or Jane Austen.

African American authors are always grouped together, regardless of the genre they write in it’s GROUPED under one label. Secondly, you may find two shelves of books at libraries, department stores such as Wal-Mart or chain bookstores such has Half-Price Books, but there is still not much exposure being provided. I believe that African American authors don't get nearly enough credit and exposure for their work. So I'm hoping to be able to do that with my blog.

VIP I completely agree! Those are the same reasons (among others) why I started my blog plus the many literary services I provide. African American authors just don’t get enough exposure or recognition & that is a big problem in my book. Who is your potential audience?

Blogger My potential audience is anybody who enjoy reading as much as I do. My blog doesn't just focus on urban/street lit because I read across various genres. I read Christian Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Motivational/Self-Help, Drama/Suspense, Thrillers, and Crime/Mystery, etc. The only books I don't read are Paranormal and Sci-Fi fantasy. Nothing against it, I just prefer to watch things like that on television instead.

VIP Readers are our number 1 audience. I too read various genres. I enjoy a variety of genres. What type of content can readers find on your blog?

Blogger My blog consist of book reviews, author interviews, author Q&A’s, character interviews, literary events, blog tour hosting and various tips and resources for the newly and aspiring writers. I will also be posting things about me and my life as well. I'm an aspiring author so I want to share my journey with my readers. Writing my first book is a walk of faith; I have always wanted to write a book and visualized myself being a bestselling author. I had allowed fear of failure to hold me back but I’ve decided that I was going to step out on faith in 2016 and do it. If it works it works and if it doesn't it doesn't, but I will never know unless I try.

VIP You are absolutely right! That’s one of my plans this year as well, however time has not been my friend. I’m a very busy woman. I will get to it though. Are you a full time blogger? Is your blog monetized?

Blogger No, I am not a full time blogger although I am aspiring to be one day. My blog is not monetized yet but I have been researching various ways to monetize my blog. I do have advertising space available for business owners, publishers, etc.

VIP Well, you are already on your way. That is a source of monetizing. What services do you offer to authors &/ other literary professionals? How can they contact you?

Blogger I currently offer services in the areas of virtual assistance, social media promotion, proofreading, and writing/editing. I can be reached via email at bookbeautychronicles@gmail.com or by phone at 832.384.4350.

VIP That’s awesome! We may need to talk about virtual assistance once we’re done. Do you have any monthly or annual events or specials that you’ve created on your blog?

Blogger As of right now I don't. I will be posting and advertising other literary events that will be taking place around the world. Book fairs, book festivals, book signings, award shows, etc. I will be advertising on my website. I do have a few blog series that I am currently working, which will be pertaining to authors and publishers.

VIP That’s good to hear. Maybe we can collaborate in the future. Have you ever been discouraged as a blogger? How did you deal with it?

Blogger Yes, being a blogger has been discouraging at times because "Book Blogs" are not as popular as other blogs that may talk about other topics such as celebrity gossip, fashion, food, make-up, etc. So getting readers to visit and follow your blog can be a tedious process. I deal with it by reminding myself daily why I decided to blog, I didn't do it for money nor for awards or accolades. I did it to share my love of reading and to be able to promote African American authors who are normally overlooked.

VIP Yes, I definitely can agree with you on that. Sometimes I be wanting to throw in the towel myself but then, like you, I remind myself why I do what I do and I keep pushing forward. Do you have any advice to give to book bloggers that are struggling in any way?

Blogger Yes, don't allow thing such as money, followers, or readers to discourage you from blogging about your favorite past time. Blog about it because it is something that you enjoy doing don't allow things to take the fun out of it.

VIP That’s great advice! When it’s no longer fun & becomes a burden, we aren’t loving it anymore. Not letting everything or anyone steal our passion & love for blogging is a key to our success. Why should readers follow your blog? What makes your blog different from other book blogs?

Blogger Readers should follow my blog because I have a lot of things to share. Like I said before I'm an avid reader of various genres and work by African American authors. I don't just read the same type of story, with same type of plot, from the same publishers. Looking for a good read to encourage you in your time of struggles, I got you. Want to read something based on true story, I got you. Looking for something with some hot and steamy sex scenes, I got you. You want something with some drama and scandals, I got you. Need something to satisfy your inner "Private Investigation and CSI skills," I got you. Maybe you want something that intrigues that alter ego of yours, you know the "the hardcore thug", I got you. Or maybe you are a history buff, I got that too.

VIP Name some awesome book bloggers you follow & would recommend readers to follow?

Blogger Honestly, I only follow one book blogger right now which is yours, Vaneka Miles (Vaneka’s VIP Literary Services). I'm currently researching other book bloggers to follow; but I can be very picky when it comes to people I follow. I prefer bloggers who update their blog at least once a week, it doesn't matter if they focus on one genre or multiples, I also like bloggers who are honest. I don't want to read the same review that you gave for the last six books you posted about. If there are any bloggers who want me to follow their blog they can email me the link to read at bookbeautychronicles@gmail.com.

VIP Awww, thank you! I am honored! I follow you as well. I too, am very picky because I like consistency and honesty is a must as well.

The Person

VIP What are some of your interests other than blogging & anything to do with the literary industry?

Blogger I have a lot of interest outside of blogging and the literary industry. I'm in the process of starting a social enterprise and a networking social organization for women. I also am the Founder & Executive Director of Empowered Girls! Youth Foundation which is a non-profit organization that promotes self-sufficiency and increase employable skills for teenage girls and young adult women ages 16-24. Our main focus are teenage girls and young adult women who have been incarcerated or in the process of being released.

VIP That’s amazing! Congratulations on your foundation. It’s great to help others & make a difference in their lives. Do you have a family?

Blogger Yes, I have a family. I have been married for almost seven years and we have two beautiful children, my daughter Kamryn (Kam) who is 10 and my son Dondrick (DJ) who is 8.

VIP You have babies, lol. My youngest is about to turn 12. What is your occupation?

Blogger I have been working in Higher Education administration for nine years now. I currently work as an Administrative Assistant for a university in Houston, Texas. I have a desire to work in continuing education and workforce development as well as become a vocational community college educator.

VIP How do you manage to balance blogging, work, family & “me time”?

Blogger I block times throughout the day for certain things. Monday-Thursday is my main workdays and Fridays are half days so from noon-4 on is my "me" time. Saturdays and Sundays are spent with my family which are generally filled with days at park for football and cheerleading. Sundays I’m at church and with my parents and sisters. I generally blog and write at night once the kids are sleep or during breaks at work.

VIP You are one busy woman! Most people don’t realize how busy we are and/or take for granted the work that we do. What are you passionate about?

Blogger I'm passionate about a lot of things but I will have to say my passion definitely lies within helping other people succeed and reach their goals in life. I enjoy working with youth and young adults about various choices and issues they go through in life. I have had a hard journey in life and I don’t mind sharing my story of what I went through to help others get through it as well.

VIP What is your biggest fear?

Blogger I would say my biggest fear is failure which is something that I am currently working through.

VIP What is one thing about you that most people don’t know& /or wouldn’t believe?

Blogger I'm really an open book. I guess one thing that people who aren’t close to me or that don’t know me is that I am 28 years old and I do not know how to drive. Very long story but I’m working on that too. LOL

VIP Now, that is something that I never expected for you to say. What have you been waiting for? It’s good that you are working on it now. What do you like to do for fun?

Blogger Honestly fun for me is hanging out with my family at my parents’ house. I absolutely love hanging with my siblings and my nieces and nephews. We can seriously have our very own reality television show and we will have people rolling from start to finish. If I’m not doing that, then fun is me and my husband up at 3am playing dominoes and eating tacos from the taco truck.

VIP How would your family & friends describe you?

Blogger My family would describe me as a strong and loving person with a big heart. A girl with big dream and a positive attitude on life.

VIP How sweet. Where is your dream vacation destination located?

Blogger Truthfully, my dream vacation is anywhere out of Texas. LOL. No but seriously, my dream vacation is being locked away at a secluded resort bungalow in Fiji with my husband.

VIP Do you prefer tea, coffee or soda?

Blogger That’s kind of hard to decide but I would have to say a love coffee and soda about the same depending on time of day. Before noon, I prefer coffee and then after that I desire soda. I like tea but it’s not something that I actually crave. I will drink it if I have nothing to drink.

VIP What would you rather have more time to do?

Blogger I wish I had more time to travel. I would love to take a road trip across the US to visit and explore what our country has to offer.


Author Kimberla Lawson Roby
Book Flint Sage by Treasure Hernandez & Leslie by Omar Tyree
Genre Romance
TV Show Law & Order SVU
Music Genre & Author Contemporary Gospel - Yolanda Adams, R&B - Gerald Levert
Color Purple
Food Shrimp
Accessory or Item Cell Phone
Animal Giraffe
Cause You Support Anything that has to do with the advancement and
growth for African American communities, women and youth. I am a proud
supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Thank you for stopping by today Shaterica! We really enjoyed your company & learning more about you and your blog. Please stay in touch.

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