Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Release | Q and Harlem 3: Blindsided By A Love Affair by Shaytrece

Q and Harlem 3: Blindsided By A Love Affair
Author: Shaytrece
Genre: Urban Fiction; Romance
Publication Date: January 12, 2016
Publishing House: Leo Sullivan Presents
Amazon Price: $5.99
Available With Kindle Unlimited


Q and Harlem are due to leave for Miami when Mr. and Mrs. Santos are hit with the news of another outside child that Mr. Santos has possibly fathered. Melissa is ready to throw in the towel on their thirty-plus years of marriage once the girl’s grandmother starts drama with the Santos family. Q is determined to save his parents’ marriage, even if it means he has to take his father’s mistress out. He refuses to allow any more drama to prevent him from moving his family to Miami. 

Meanwhile, Harlem has barely adapted to the revelation about her who her father is when she is hit with another family secret that leaves Harlem utterly confused. She also develops an unseen enemy, leaving Harlem to learn that ‘blood is thicker than water.’ 

Once Q gets his family to Miami, Harlem meets a woman who is new to the city as well, and the two hit it off instantly, finding that they have a lot in common. However, some of their common interests could be a hard pill to swallow for their families. 

Throughout all the trials and tribulations Harlem faces, she finds strength to stand up against those who try to bring her family down. When Q and Harlem learn just how deep their family bond goes, it brings the couple even closer. Take a ride with the Santos family on their new journey.

Q and Harlem 3: Blindsided By A Love Affair is now available on Amazon.

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