Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Release | Bound By Love: Love Me or Leave Me Alone by Nijah Jones

Bound By Love: Love Me or Leave Me Alone
Author: Nijah Jones
Genre: Urban Fiction; Romance; Women's Fiction
Publishing House: Royalty Publishing House
Publication Date: January 18, 2016
Amazon Price: $0.99
Available with Kindle Unlimited


Ryair Johnson thought her old life was behind her. She used to flirt, set up and rob dudes for all they were worth and then move on to the next one. All with the help of her best friend, of course. It wasn’t long before she did something she regretted and it made her change her whole outlook on life. All she wants now is to settle down with her new boyfriend, Braden, and forget everything that happened, but her best friend isn’t having that.

Braden is everything she’s ever wanted; tall, caramel and built, and Ryair is loving the life he is giving her. A new condo, and a new car...she doesn’t even need to lift a finger. Ryair doesn’t worry about him too much, that is until his “boss” calls...which is all the time.

Zanya, who’s been Ryair’s best friend since high school has a few more tricks up her sleeve, and she’s going to make sure Ryair receives them all. Once Zanya gets released from prison, everything changes. Ryair’s perfect life is a complete nightmare. You would think that best friends would be excited to see each other, but in this case it is the total opposite. Zanya and Braden seem to share a secret that Ryair knows nothing about. When she finally gets to the bottom of it, will she be able to deal with her new twisted reality?

Zyair soon meets someone new who is just as sexy as she likes him with the thug swag she needs. But he just happens to be holding onto the biggest secret of them all. Will her newfound happiness come to an end? When everything comes out in the open, Ryair finds that she can only be saved by one person.

Bound By Love: Love Me or Leave Me Alone by Nijah Jones is now available on Amazon for purchase. 1-Click it here.

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