Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Release | Money Over Everything by Aija M. Butler

Author: Aija M. Butler
Publisher: Kiki Swinson Presents/KS Publications
Publication Date: October 6, 2015
Genre: Urban Life, African American Urban Fiction
Price: $0.99
Available for purchase on Amazon
Available with Kindle Unlimited

Cousins Dashun (Shun), and Phillip ( Philly), are no strangers to the streets in fact they have been a product of the system and gang life since shortly after their entrance in grade school. Life is hard knock, but the lifestyle of the game has its perks. While Shun is adamant about leaving the hood in search for a better life, Philly is convinced that there is no better way than the life of the streets.
“Money comes quick and with money comes chicks. To leave such a hustle behind would be ridiculously stupid,” Philly argues.

When Shun trades the streets for a uniform, Philly continues in his hoodlum ways of drugs, sex, and money. The Hood loves him and as long as there is a demand, he is sure to supply. Shun is earning his stripes courageously; but when the rules of the hood present, he is forced to take the wrap for the murder of a gay soldier. Looks like the straight and narrow wasn’t so good of a trade after all.

After doing a nickel he is released with a dishonourable discharge barrelling over his head, no place to live, and no job prospective. He is forced to return to the hood safely nestled under his cousin’s arms. “True to the game” these cousins soon learn that life on the streets comes with a price. Phil is, “Hood Rich” and a hot head who pays little attention to those he believes are his followers Shun is scorned betrayed by the government he chose to serve, and is ready for corporate buyers and more lucrative products.

Greed begets jealousy, jealousy begets greed, and the greed begets murder as the emotions of this tale soon override reason.

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