Saturday, October 24, 2015

New Release | Madam Cocaina by Fatima Munroe

Author: Fatima Munroe
Publisher: Urban Chapters Publications
Publication Date: October 24, 2015
Genre: African American Urban Fiction
Book Series: Book 1 of 2
Price: $0.99
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Josefina Borrego, also known as Ju-Ju, is a 27-year-old mixed heritage queen pin hailing from the streets of Newark, currently incarcerated at the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women. Before her incarceration, she lived a life filled with money, power and excess. Growing up as an only child to Josef Borrego, owner of Jose’s Auto Body, a lucrative chain of auto shops spread out all over the country, Josefina was accustomed to doing things on her own terms. At the tender age of thirteen, her uncles Pablo and Alejandro secretly inducted her to the family business, which was running cocaine and heroin on the streets of Newark.
Ju-Ju embraced her life as the connect, first at her high school, and again as she attended college at UCLA. As a chemistry major, Josefina quickly mastered a concoction of chemicals that, when mixed with cocaine, was more potent than anything on the streets. Only selling to an exclusive client list, she quickly earned herself a reputation as the connect for the states of California and New Jersey.
A trip to her father’s home country of Columbia established her reign as Madame Coca’ina, the Queen of Columbia. Her Abuelo taught her everything she needed to know as a queen pin before his untimely death. The simultaneous death of her father left her with his legacy of repair shops from Maine to California. After graduating with a master’s degree in Biochemistry, and with an eye for all things money, Ju-Ju ran a successful automotive chain while supplying the streets at the age of 22. 
With her man, Montrell, by her side, they quickly established a network of kingpins whom they supplied their exclusive mix of illegal substances. Forever the entrepreneur, Ju-Ju set up illegal shop in each state where she operated legal businesses. She quickly became a force to be reckoned with once she decided to step into the life of a female pimp. 
The beginning of the end for her came when she caught her fiancĂ© cheating. After leaving him and returning to her South American roots, Ju-Ju resolved to live life without her first love. A pregnancy caused her to put her pride to the side and let love thrive. At the wedding of her good friend Phoebe, she finds out that there may have been more to Montrell’s cheating than she knew, which may have a domino affect on life as she knows it. Is Ju-Ju overreacting, or does someone close to her have ulterior motives? Find out as she tells her story behind bars of her life as Madame Coca’ina, the Queen of Columbia.

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