Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cover Reveal | One Hustler's World

Title: One Hustler's World: A Hood Love Story
Author: Nikita Stewart
Publisher: KS Publications/Kiki Swinson Presents
Genre: African American Urban Fiction
Release Date: September 18, 2015


This tantalizing, page burner is filled with action, romance, gripping erotica, deceit, betrayals of infidelity, and friendship. Beginning on page one, the reader will be clamoring to experience the roller coaster ride that is One Hustler's World. This well written narrative stars Khalid Nikita 'KT' Garrison, an up & coming hustler, readers will hate themselves for loving. Who embarks on an epic journey filled with the best and worst of this 6 part book series.

His adamant refusals to join the neighborhood's rising Insane Gangsta Crips street-gang, finally spills into gunfire after Ictaveigh, a childhood acquaintance and Crip gang leader decides enough is enough. Leaving in his wake, KT and his best friend, Tex-A-Mill critically wounded. The same day KT is released from the hospital, his devotion to his girlfriend, Keisha is put to the ultimate test when she draws a gun and demands his life savings. Revealing Keisha was indeed a fake name she devised in order to get close enough for this exact situation. Taking aim at his heart, Keisha planned for every possible scenario except one... love. Taken by her inability to go through with the armed robbery, KT takes her into One Hustler's World. Only to learn his guardian angel's real name is actually Angel.

Soon KT's devotion Angel pits him against Pierre; her violent, Bounty Hunter Blood captain/ex-lover. Whom after six years on the lamb, returns to Norfolk, Virginia in order to investigate the recent robbery-homicide of a fellow Bounty Hunter Blood captain. Infidelity, infatuation, lust, and endearment following KT's 'chance' encounter with Terri; Pierre 's enslaved, sexually abused niece, places him in a deadly triangle of sins that jeopardizes all he's ever loved.

Insane Gangsta Crips vying for his demise. Pierre vying to destroy his Angel. Homicide detectives zeroing in on KT as the culprit behind a drive-by shooting exacted upon Ictaveigh, among other crimes. When life couldn't get more hectic, KT is suddenly thrust into an altercation against his best friend, Tex-A-Mill. Whom by way of a single, 12 gauge shotgun blast, becomes his mortal enemy.

With scenes of erotica so vividly explicit fans will be shouting into ecstasy. Action that hurls the reader into the middle of life or death struggles. And a surprise ending where, after a failed raid on Tex-A-Mill's hideout ends with KT's only true friend being apprehended by the police, he ambushes the prisoner transport convoy. Able to free his accomplice from a certain life sentence, KT is taken aback by his accomplice’s decision to remain behind. A sacrifice that enables KT to continue the fight against the Insane Gangsta Crips, Pierre and his Bounty Hunter Bloods and lastly, his most formidable adversary—Tex-A-Mill.

After experiencing One Hustler's World readers will be clamoring for the next of six action packed installments. One Hustler's World doesn't simply raise the literary bar it’s thrown into the stratosphere.

This book will be available in Kindle eBook, and later in paperback.

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