Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cover Reveal | Beyond My Addiction

Title: Beyond My Addiction: The Story of Scarlet & Cash
Author: Ashley Williams
Publisher: Racquel Williams Presents
Genre: Romance, African American Urban Fiction
Release Date: September 17, 2015


Scarlet  has always been damaged from seeing her mother get murdered by her father when she was a child. Being the only child because she had no siblings, nor support system except Cash. Cash was there before the tragic struck this 7 year old girl because they were neighbor's who played together as children. After being tossed around in different foster homes she went back to the old neighborhood in Richmond Virginia and crossed paths with her old time childhood friend Cash. Sometimes it takes more than love to fix a woman who is broken, but no matter what Scarlett does Cash just can't seem to let go. No matter where in the world she goes, or how many times she leaves in the middle of the night and stay gone for weeks he feels the need to be the one consistent matter in her life.

Veronica has been in love with Cash since high school, but she can't seem to understand why he won't make thing's official until she finds out about Scarlett. Veronica knew Scarlett was weak so she called in her cousin who was a drug dealer to get Scarlet out of the way.

Ronny fell in love with Scarlet but he will never be the object of her affection. He is the crazy thug type that will do just about anything to have what he wants. He never meant for thing's to go completely sour, he just wanted to keep her drugged up so her mind would be gone.

Will anyone or anything be capable of disconnecting Scarlet and Cash? You will see as the drama and truth is revealed in beyond my addiction.

This book will be available in Kindle eBook, and later in paperback.

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