Thursday, September 24, 2015

"New Author" Spotlight | Author Mickey

I am please to announce our first "New Author," to the New Author featured Spotlight! Let's welcome her with open arms by getting to know her and supporting her in her literary career. Comment your questions below, purchase, read and recommend her debut book! Don't forget to leave your review!

Mickey, born Miketrela Thomas, is a 27 year old residing in Milwaukee, WI with her family. At an early age she fell in love with reading, writing and poetry. Her debut novel is titled, Stuck Between Pain and Love under Jan'a Sullivan Presents!

Chatting with Mickey

VIP Good Morning Mickey, It's great to have you here. Can you please tell us a little about yourself?

Mickey Thank you for having me. I'm Mickey and I'm a 27yr old. I mother, wife and avid reader.

VIP What made you become a writer?

Mickey I have always used writing as an outlet. One of my dreams were to become a published author. Earlier this year, I decided to pursue my dream!

VIP Your publisher is Jan'a Sullivan Presnts. How easy or hard was it to make the decision to sign with them?

Mickey It was an easy decision. Once I heard from her, we just clicked! She mAde me feel that I was able to find what I was looking for in her company.

VIP Who is your targeted audience and what message are you trying to relay in your writing?

Mickey My targeted audience is readers that are looking for good novels to read and those that want to pursue their writing career. I'm hoping that if they see me pursuing my dreams and goals, it will give them a boost to do so as well.

VIP With millions of books being released each day and new authors steady emerging, how are you going to stand out? Why should readers give your book(s) a try?

Mickey I feel as if every book has a story to tell and it's all about your delivery. My novels are not your ordinary hood novel. I feel that readers should give me the chance to prove that.

VIP I'm sure you're a reader as well, Who are some of your favorite authors and what's on your "To Read List?"

Mickey It's a long list but some of my favorites include: Nikki Turner, Eric Jerome Dickey, Lucinda John, Zane, Carl Weber, Mz Lady P and Jessica Watkins.

My "To Read List" is long as well. Some of the books are: Shawty Fell in Love with a Hustla, Loyal No Other (coming soon), Stripping From The Altar (coming soon), Loving You And Your Best Friend (coming soon), Love In The Lou (coming soon), and Bound To Be Loved (coming soon).

VIP Are you currently working on any new projects?

Mickey Yes, I am currently working on two novels.

VIP Do you have any plans to attend any events, such as book fairs, Book signings, etc.?

Mickey I have some in motion, but nothing solid just yet.

VIP How do you connect and interact with readers?

Mickey Social media

VIP Why did you write, Stuck Between Pain and Love?

Mickey It was just a story in my mind, my dreams. I just had to let it out on paper.

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Author: Mickey
Publisher: Jan'a Sullivan Presents
Publication Date: September 13, 2015
Genre: AA Urban Fiction, AA Women's Fiction
Available on Amazon
Price: $0.99 | Free With Kindle Unlimited

Delilah aka Dee is a 15 year old girl that was looking for a way out. Her life isn’t what she would like it to be when she runs into Sean “Killa” Johnson. A man that shows her a different lifestyle. But is everything as it seems? When an unexpected event will change their life and turn of events happen will change them and everyone around them lives forever. What will happen in her life when someone new name TV comes in to save her. Well he be everything that she needs and find love or a another road down pain?

Monica is back in town with old skeletons in the closet behind her. She was trying to build a better life for her and her family. But when an old flame from the past find out she is back in town will she fall back down the road of pain or will she be able to find love in her hometown.

When their worlds collide will they be willing to stay with all the twist and turns that comes their way? Or will they be stuck between pain and love?

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