Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cover Reveal | Atlanta Freak Chics

Title: Atlanta Freak Chics
Author: Antika Truitt
Publisher: MBP Publications
Genre: African American Urban Fiction
Release Date: October 19, 2015


"Don't let your hustle be your downfall!" 

In the city of Atlanta, four women leading separate lives are blind to the fact that devastation is brewing and it'll forever shape their destiny. Platinum worked as a stripper yet she was connected to the infamous BTMF crime organization. Her reckless decisions quickly lead to her destruction. Shine hails from South-side ATL, moving through the city in search of dope, redemption and ultimately, the meaning of life. She'll stop at nothing until she obtains something by any means. Aaliyah mothered two young boys and worked a decent job as a security guard. She struggled financially so in an attempt to stay float, she redefined the meaning of taking care of home. Sierra lived a life that many envied: happily married, residing in affluent Buckhead neighborhood, a nice car and nice clothes. What nobody knows is the secret she holds back in order to live this lifestyle. 

These freak chicks live different lives but all have the same issues: money, sex and the purist. Will they accomplish their dreams or will their own hustles and decisions destroy them.

This book will be available in Kindle eBook, and later in paperback.

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