Friday, June 26, 2015

Dropping Tomorrow, June 27th

With more secrets and lies unfolding the drama continues...

Finding out that Jazmine wasn't dead the whole time was devastating for Simone. As if that wasn't shocking enough, Simone was once again betrayed by Jazmine. Will Simone make it out of this one alive? Or, will Jazmine get her way like she's been trying to do all along?
With Simone and Jamal's daddy, Jeff being free from prison everyone is dying to know what will go down in Miami, Florida. Will he take over the throne again or will he use this time to build with his family?
Amira and Jamal's relationship is by far amazing and they are just patiently waiting for their baby to come into the world. However, long lost Larry will not let Amira get her happily ever after if he's not sharing that moment with her. Jamal isn't so squeaky clean either. He has a few skeletons in his closet that may cause them to go downhill just as quickly.
After almost losing his sister, Calvin so badly wants to get his life together, but being a bad boy is hard to shake. His mother, Charlotte who is now drug and alcohol free is on a mission to be the mother that her children always wanted her to be. Will Calvin at least try to better himself for his family? Or will he let his mother pick up where he left off?
A lot of drama, deceit, betrayal, and murders are all intertwined in this fast paced read. In the end they'll always leave you with one question. "HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE?"

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